Short Courses in Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary medicine is a part of health care science that deals with non-human treatment, diagnosis and prevention of diseases, other disorder and injuries. It is a broad field covering all species of animals as well as many disciplines. The practitioners are called veterinary physicians or vets (veterinarians). Usually they focus on these areas: small animal practice, wildlife medicine, food safety, food animal medicine, large animal practice, laboratory animal practice, conservation medicine, equine medicine, exotic animal veterinarian and etc. Graduates can work as animal caretakers, marine biologists, park managers or rangers, science teachers, animal groomers, veterinary pathologists, animal assisted therapists and etc.

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Suggested Short Courses Programmes

Utrecht University

Certificate Veterinary Epidemiology
  • Jan 2017
  • EEA € 1,285 per module
  • Non-EEA € 1,285 per module
  • 84 days

It is taught by epidemiologists from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and forms part of the MSc Epidemiology program of the UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University. The aim of the 8-week course is to make you familiar with all the basic principles of veterinary epidemiology. In every learning unit, a specific veterinary epidemiology topic will be discussed, illustrated and combined with practical data analysis tasks and/or reading assignments, for an interactive learning experience.

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Utrecht University

Certificate Economic Principles and Concepts for the Veterinary Sciences
  • Mar 2016
  • EEA € 685 per module
  • Non-EEA € 685 per module
  • 42 days

Economic issues play an important role in the often risky decisions that need to be made about disease control. The aim of this introductory course, which is intended for participants with an interest in the field of animal health economics, is to provide you with the basic economic principles and concepts that underlie decision-making about animal health problems.

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Utrecht University

Certificate Applied Economic Modeling for the Veterinary Sciences (Utrecht University; UMC Utrecht; Wageningen University)
  • May 2016
  • EEA € 595 per module
  • Non-EEA € 595 per module
  • 42 days

Economic modeling underpins decision-making in the entire field of animal health economics, so a good understanding of the issues and tools involved is vital. The aim of this hands-on course is to enable you to become familiar with using the relevant tools so that you can become more actively involved in economic decision-making, particularly with regard to disease control.

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National Taiwan University

Short Course Summer Program for Laboratory Research & Culture
  • Jul 2016
  • International € 2,250 per year
  • 42 days

NTU's Summer+2 allows students to take advantage of NTUs state-of-the-art laboratories while also taking a closerlook into the island's East Asian culture. This six-week program combines laboratory research with access to ourExploring Taiwan courses (conducted in English), four lectures, and four complementary field trips investigating the topics of Taiwanese Environment and Resources as well as Taiwanese Social Culture.

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