Short Courses in Civil & Private Law

Civil law is the legal system that focuses on relations between individuals or organizations and the consequences of these relations. This branch of law focuses on finding solutions and compensations for victims of actions that do not follow the law of the society. Civil law mostly applies to accidents, contracts, wills, properties and other matters that often include disputes, the necessity of an agreement or an affected part.

Civil law is part of private law, along with labour, commercial, corporate and compensation law. Each of these specializations follows particular codes. A Bachelor’s degree in civil and private law (BCL) allows students to specialize in one of the fields mentioned above and earn career prospects in the government, law firms or corporations or even in a private practice.

A graduate with a Master’s degree in civil and private law can work as a solicitor who is hired to guard the interests of his or her clients. This field is financially rewarding, but it involves good research as well as interview skills.

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Suggested Short Courses Programmes

English for Law Short Course English for Law
  • Jun 2016
  • National $ 6,045 per module
  • International $ 6,045 per module
  • 42 days

The English for Law course is offered at Yale English Language Institute. Make international connections and learn about the American legal system and the language it requires.

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Privacy, Property, and Free Speech: Law and the Constitution Short Course Privacy, Property, and Free Speech: Law and the Constitution
  • Any time
  • National $ 214 per module
  • International $ 214 per module
  • Not specified

Dizzying new technologies are putting unprecedented stress on America’s core constitutional values, as protections for privacy, property, and free speech are shrinking due to the wonders of modern life—from the Internet to digital imaging to artificial intelligence. It’s not hard to envision a day when websites such as Facebook, Google Maps, and Yahoo! introduce a feature that allows real-time tracking of anyone you want, based on face-recognition software and ubiquitous live video feeds.

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Law and Economics of Transport by Sea Certificate Law and Economics of Transport by Sea
  • Jul 2016
  • EEA € 585 per module
  • International € 585 per module
  • 5 days

The Law and Economics of Transport by Sea course is offered at Utrecht Summer School. Do you want to know what the economic impact is of transport by sea or the financial consequences of an oil spill from a damaged oil tanker? What is the liability of the owner and the captain of the Costa Concordia after it was wrecked in 2012? Do you know what it takes to manage the largest port of Europe? And what about the economical and legal aspects of electricity transport from Windfarms in the sea to the shore? After this course you will have gained a lot more knowledge of Law and Economics of transport by sea.

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Global Justice and Human Rights Certificate Global Justice and Human Rights
  • Jul 2016
  • EEA € 800 per module
  • International € 800 per module
  • 10 days

This tutorial will be of interest to students of cultural studies, economics, European studies, international relations, law, political science, philosophy, sociology, and anyone reflecting on the relation between global justice and human rights.

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Civil Liberties and the Bill of Rights Short Course Civil Liberties and the Bill of Rights
  • Any time
  • National $ 199 per module
  • International $ 199 per module
  • Not specified

The civil liberties and constitutional rights our nation's citizens possess—not only in theory, but in the courtroom, where the state can be forced to honor those liberties—are a uniquely American invention. And when we were taught history and learned about the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we were always made aware of that uniqueness, of the extraordinary experiment that gave every citizen of this new nation a gift possessed by no others. But what, exactly, was that gift?

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Siberian Federal University

Short Course International Summer Law School
  • Aug 2016
  • EEA € 145 per module
  • International € 145 per module
  • 14 days

The event has been held for 6 years annually, raising the interest in the sphere of legal communication among foreign and Russian students successfully. The Summer School on German law is planned to be held simultaneously with the Summer School on Russian law for students from Germany, whose participation is supported by DAAD program (German Academic Exchange Service).

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Aarhus University

Short Course Identity and Privacy
  • Jul 2016
  • EEA € 140 per module
  • International € 1,303 per module
  • 19 days

The Identity and Privacy course from Aarhus University work is both theoretically and practically concerning these "state of the art" technologies for managing digital identities. In addition, we take a look at some of the emerging technologies that supports security, including privacy in completely new ways.

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National Taiwan University

Short Course International Trade Law and Practice
  • Jul 2016
  • International € 2,400 per module
  • 22 days

Our Summer+ 6 Program is National Taiwan University’s first international law summer program and provides substantial courses about international trade law and practice. Our top-notch instructors along with the high academic quality of our courses even allow you to obtain school credits. Summer+ 6 Program is an excellent opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with theoretical and practical knowledge about international trade law and lawyering. In addition, Summer+ 6 Program also offers an invaluable platform for students to increase their intercultural competence and expand their networks of international friends and connections

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