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Public law includes constitutional, administrative, procedural, tax and criminal law and sometimes also deals with situations between individuals or companies, if the issue affects the state. Constitutional law applies on relations between individuals and any of the state’s branches – the executive, the legislative and the judiciary.

Administrative law covers the agencies of the government, while procedural law focuses on how a trial or a legal action is taking place. Tax law looks into financial issues. Criminal law involves crimes committed by individuals and leads to sanctions that are meant to protect the society. The fields mentioned above can be studied in a Master’s degree in public law.

Students have the option to earn their Bachelor’s degree in public law and then continue their studies with a programme that will also bring them a specialization. After graduation, they have career prospects in public law as solicitors or lawyers and hold a stable job in a balanced environment, such as the state legal system.

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Suggested Short Courses in Public Law

Short Course International Criminal Justice

War crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide harm people, disrupt societies and endanger global peace and security. In recent decades the international community has expressed its clear desire to end such atrocities and to prosecute those responsible. The International Criminal Justice course is delivered by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Short Course Privacy and Data Protection Law

This Privacy and Data Protection Law course from Aarhus University will concentrate on European privacy and data protection law related to the Internet, electronic communications and online social media. In addition, the course will make comparisons to US law where appropriate in order to provide students with a different legal system.

Certificate Public International Law and Human Rights

Are you interested in the role of law in international affairs? Would you like to develop an understanding on the inter-play between international organizations, states, and individuals when it comes to the realisation of human rights? This intensive and interactive two-week Public International Law and Human Rights course at Utrecht Summer School offers the chance to critically examine both public international law and international human rights law in a challenging and stimulating learning environment.

Certificate Public International Law and the Law of the Sea

Are you interested in the role of law in international affairs, and the way States use law to cooperate in the shared exploitation of the oceans? Do you want to know more about the international disputes regarding the South China Sea? This two-week course looks at the theory and practice of international law, before zooming in on issues pertaining particularly to the law of the sea.