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Applied professions, or vocational professions, refer to disciplines that focus on offering a particular set of skills for a specific type of occupation. These types of studies usually provide necessary practical knowledge and training for graduates to succeed in the chosen subject. As opposed to broader scientific studies, applied professions focus more on practical training rather than on theory and conceptual knowledge.

Applied sciences converts knowledge belonging to natural sciences and applies it into real world practice. Examples include engineering disciplines, based on knowledge from physics and mathematics, or medical disciplines based on the science of biology. Programmes in applied sciences usually offer highly specialised technical degrees. Disciplines included in the applied professions field include: design, fashion, emergency management, consumer science, food science, library science, museum science, and more.

Although initially part of the non-academic spectrum, applied professions are starting to be recognised in higher education settings, providing credit for prior learning as well as stand-alone degree programmes at undergraduate or post-graduate levels. Institutions such as polytechnics, universities, or community colleges typically provide applied professions education. Students of applied professions programmes will gain skills they can apply to solve problems and provide solutions to a variety of situations in their chosen occupation.

Careers in applied professions include highly specialised positions in highly diversified industries such as retail, tourism, information technology, funeral services, luxury products, as well as in the traditional crafts.

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Suggested Short Courses in Applied Sciences & Professions

Short Course Subtraction Pattern Cutting

On this subtraction pattern cutting course you will explore and experiment with a unique method of hollow construction as developed and taught by designer Julian Roberts. The Subtraction Pattern Cutting course is offered at University of the Arts London.

United Kingdom
Short Course Introduction to Footwear Design

This shoe design course will immerse you in the world of footwear design, and provide you with an introduction to designing for the footwear market. We'll address the tricky challenge of designing footwear that's not only practical but fashionable also... The Introduction to Footwear Design programme is delivered by University of the Arts London.

United Kingdom
Short Course Understanding Fabrics: Fibres and Fabrics

This one-day Understanding Fabrics: Fibres and Fabrics course at University of the Arts London has been specially designed for assistant buyers and designers from UK retail stores, and includes a mixture of theory and practical exercises, delivered by a textile technology expert.

United Kingdom
Diploma Jewellery Design - USA

ICI’s jewellery design course is your key to a successful career in jewellery designing. The Jewellery Design - USA course from International Career Institute (ICI) is developed with esteemed jewellery designers and jewellery industry experts. You can finish it quickly and study conveniently in our online distance learning program.

United States