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Commerce is a sub-field of business and economics that comprises all the activities that lead to the exchange of goods and services from producers to clients. It deals with buying, selling and investing, the distribution of products, covering market demand and creating new business opportunities, among others. E-commerce is a branch of commerce that has rapidly evolved over the years, which implies the acquisition and sale of products via the internet.

Universities and business colleges from the Commonwealth nations offer special degrees in commerce such as Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com.), or Bachelors of Commerce and Administration (BCA), at the undergraduate level, and Masters of Commerce (M.Com.) at the graduate level. Concentrations in commerce include multinational commerce, accounting, finance, marketing or project management.

Commerce degrees aim to deliver multi-disciplinary knowledge and essential skills for the modern business world. Because trading is an essential day-to-day activity, graduates in commerce can easily find positions in corporations, small businesses, non-profit organisations, banks, outsourcing, insuring, audit and consulting firms, in governmental agencies or in the e-commerce industry.

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Suggested Short Courses in Commerce

Short Course Short Term Study Abroad at the University of Sydney

Short Term - 6 week Summer program, 27 May - 8 July 2017 Our Short Term Program provides hands-on experiential learning in an Australian cultural context. Students choose either 2 courses or 1 course plus an internship. We have 14 units of study available for our 2017 Short Term program.Internship Placements - Through rigorous academic curriculum and 120* hours (15 day) placement, students have the opportunity to: - become familiar with Australia’s workplace culture - apply their learning in real-life environments - enhance their interpersonal, communication and cross-cultural skills *There is flexibility in acquiring more hours

Short Course Introduction to Fashion Buying and Merchandising

This Introduction to Fashion Buying and Merchandising course from London College of Fashion will help you to make that leap forward into the fast paced world of fashion retail. You will learn all about what a buyer and merchandiser actually do and the everyday challenges that you will be faced with at all levels of the market.

United Kingdom
Short Course Fashion Buying & Merchandising

The Fashion Buying & Merchandising FETAC level 5 course is a comprehensive course designed for aspiring fashion planners, fashion buyers, merchandisers, retail managers and those involved in fashion sales promotion. It is an excellent choice for anybody interested in adding new skills to their existing role or who wish a career change or to gain employment.

United Kingdom
Certificate E-Commerce

The University Certificate in e-Commerce program at Athabasca University provides students with a solid management foundation. The growth in e-Commerce worldwide is creating many opportunities for qualified and skilled people in every sector of the economy including retail, marketing, health care, financial institutions, education, small business, and government.