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Short Course Diversity in the Workplace

The Diversity in the Workplace course from Aarhus University combines various forms of instructions and teaching materials such as lectures, individual and team exercises, experiential exercises, case discussions and short films and/or videos. Classes are designed for a student-centered setting and thus participation is encouraged.

AU Summer University
Short Course Intercultural Competences

The Intercultural Competences course is offered at Utrecht Summer School. Are you interested in working internationally? This course will support you in operating effectively across (international) borders. In the course you will get familiar with theories to understand culture as a concept, cultural differences and you will develop your own intercultural competences.


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Corporate communication deals with the exchange of business information within and outside an organisation. It is a managerial discipline, closely related to public relations, marketing, organisation and leadership and human resources. Corporate communication involves mostly preserving a coherent corporate identity and promoting a positive brand icon.

Professionals in business communication draft communication strategies, formulate briefs and speeches for managers, write press releases, handle media relations, deal with corporate responsibility and conduct, improve interpersonal and inter-departmental communication, and many more.

Masters in Corporate Communication are typically offered as part of communication studies departments of universities, together with programmes in strategic and business communication, integrated marketing communication, public relations, journalism, human relations, rhetoric and public advocacy, and others. Corporate communication courses aim to improve the knowledge and skills of students such as effective written and oral communication, business acumen, ethical awareness, digital strategies, or flexible thinking.

Graduates in the field will be prepared to work as communications specialists in business, industry, public administration, and non-profit organisations. Career prospects include various positions such as: business spokesman, marketing specialist, technical copy writer, public speaking trainer, publicity manager, campaign director or media planner.

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