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International business refers to the commercial exchange of products and services among individuals and trading companies from different countries. The discipline provides an extensive understanding of international markets and managing cross-border transactions that support business development. Students will advance their negotiation abilities and learn how business is conducted in an international environment.

As a business discipline, international business draws on knowledge coming from related fields including economics, international relations, marketing, politics and innovation management to name a few. Universities and economic colleges offer online or on-campus stand-alone programmes, or as concentrations for degrees, related to the field of business administration such as MBAs, BBAs or MIMs. Academic courses will equip students with fundamentals in business strategies and development, managerial techniques, knowledge in cross-cultural management and business etiquette. Students will also learn how to use electronic communication, digital tools and globalised financial systems.

International business graduates may find work in multinational corporations, banks or international business companies, as well as governmental agencies or consultancy firms. Job prospects include careers as international trade specialists, international accountants, import compliance specialists, foreign sales representatives or international management consultants.

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Suggested Short Courses in International Business

Short Course Study Abroad Summer Courses

The Study Abroad Summer Courses of the University of Almeria, UAL (Spain) are intensive academic courses taught by Doctors and Full Professors of proven expertise and experience in the most leading-edge areas of knowledge of our University (Science and Engineering, Business and Social Sciences, Computing, Health Sciences, Education, Modern Languages and Tourism).

Certificate Pre-university Programme: UCFB Certificate in Sport Management

This inspiring two-week "Pre-university Programme: UCFB Certificate in Sport Management" offers a comprehensive introduction to the operational and business facets of the football and sport industries. With a full calendar of social and cultural activities, students will leave with new levels of academic and personal achievement, a wealth of new experiences, and memories that will last a lifetime.

United Kingdom
Certificate Islamic Banking and Finance: Principles and Practical Solutions

In this "Islamic Banking and Finance: Principles and Practical Solutions" course offered by Utrecht Summer School the key issues of Islamic Banking and Finance will be discussed. Which are the rules that need to be respected? Based on that, financial contracts and assets have been developed, like Sukuk, Ijara and Musharaka. All these thems will be highlighted with case studies.