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Arts, design and architecture include disciplines that deal with imagining, designing and creating objects that add to the cultural value of society. Art studies focus on developing creativity or technical skill that result in works of art that can be categorised into visual arts, performing arts, decorative arts, interactive media, and others. Activities such as art criticism, art history, or aesthetics are also included in the broad area of art. Activities such as painting, sculpting, photography, music, theatre, film are just a few examples of forms of art that can be studies in academic contexts.

Design studies ways of creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimise the function, value and appearance of products and systems for the benefit of users. Architecture is concerned with the design and building of various constructions. Architecture is often considered one of the visual arts but, in addition to aesthetic elements, it also includes practical aspects related to the use of the designed objects.

Topics covered by arts, design and architecture degrees include: art history, visual arts, user experience design, interior design and landscape architecture.

Bachelors and Masters in Arts, Design and Architecture will equip students with visual creativity, drawing, painting, sculpting skills and the ability to integrate artistic theory in design processes. Students will also learn to express and communicate messages by using colours, artistic skill and technical knowledge.

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Suggested Short Courses in Arts, Design & Architecture

Certificate Summer program in Venice Biennale, art, design and other creative sectors

Enhance knowledge and advance your career in Art, Design and other creative industries. The program is a balanced combination of classes on contemporary art, meetings with artists, visits to incredible museums and preview parties. It is a rare opportunity to see historic venetian palazzos before they open to the public, observe the setup of the exhibition and meet international art crowd.

Short Course Subtraction Pattern Cutting

On this subtraction pattern cutting course you will explore and experiment with a unique method of hollow construction as developed and taught by designer Julian Roberts. The Subtraction Pattern Cutting course is offered at University of the Arts London.

United Kingdom
Diploma Photography - USA

Photography is an exciting industry that offers numerous opportunities to earn money, travel, meet people, or even just release your creativity. Not surprisingly, many people are eager to grab a camera and start a career in photography. International Career Institute (ICI) offers the online Photography - USA course.

United States
Short Course Activewear Design

This Activewear Design course at University of the Arts London covers the design processes of activewear and bodywear enabling you to design your own capsule collection. You will also gain valuable insights into the activewear industry, allowing you to develop a suitable route to market.

United Kingdom