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Data science and big data refers to manipulating data using mathematic and algorithmic methods to solve complex problems analytically. The data science and big data discipline covers models, methods, tools and techniques in dealing with various types of data. As a part of competitive intelligence, this new emerging field is considered a great asset from a business point of view. One of the most important aspects of data science and big data is that it can convert data into clear information and knowledge that is understandable by audiences without a scientific background.

The data science and big data discipline is strongly connected with computer science and IT, engineering and business and applied mathematics.

Courses provided to students in data science and big data cover topics such as: databases and relational algebra, visual data analytics, different types of machine learning, visual encodings and statistical rigor.

Studying data science and big data, students will acquire solid mathematical skills as well as strong business strategy thinking. Data inference and exploration requires competence of tactical optimisation and attention to detail in order to extract relevant insights from high quantities of raw information. Students also gain basic skills like analytical rigor and ability to explain the significance of data in a way that can be easily understood by others.

The type of careers data science graduates pursue include: statistician, quantitative analyst, decision support engineering analyst.

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Suggested Short Courses in Data Science & Big Data

Short Course Data Analysis in R

Data Analysis in R course at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam focuses upon understanding statistical models and analysing the results whilst learning to work with R. With the increasing use of alternative software packages like R in data analysis, now is the time to learn their ins and outs. The large number of active programmers creating R packages makes this an up-to-date programme providing a huge range of statistical analyses. Researchers also use R to write functions for analysing data, or to create professional plots.

Short Course Privacy and Data Protection Law

This Privacy and Data Protection Law course from Aarhus University will concentrate on European privacy and data protection law related to the Internet, electronic communications and online social media. In addition, the course will make comparisons to US law where appropriate in order to provide students with a different legal system.

Certificate Fundamentals of Data Science

This Fundamentals of Data Science course from University of Southampton equips beginners in the discipline of data science with the theoretical knowledge and technical skills to apply data-driven insights to their work, as well as providing the foundations of a career in data science.

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