Short Courses in Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with manufacture of products through chemical processes and the technologies of chemical production. This study field is based on combination of physical sciences, life sciences, mathematics and economics. Chemical engineering differs from chemistry because of focusing on large scales. This study field has two groups: the first group deals with chemical processes (design, manufacture and operation of plants and machinery), while the second group deals with new substances development. Graduates can work at various industries, especially oil and petrochemical industry, nuclear energy, food production, development of new sources of energy and medicine.

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Suggested Short Courses Programmes

Competency in Mechanical Engineering Certificate Competency in Mechanical Engineering
  • May 2016
  • Not specified
  • Not specified

This is an intensive course giving you the essentials of mechanical engineering. It is aimed at those with an engineering background. Mechanical engineering in simple terms deals with any equipment that moves; this is what makes it perhaps the most broad and diverse of engineering disciplines.

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Applied Electrochemistry at Micro- and Nanoscale Short Course Applied Electrochemistry at Micro- and Nanoscale
  • Jun 2016
  • EEA $ 2,973 per module
  • Non-EEA $ 2,973 per module
  • Not specified

The class is an introduction to applied electrochemistry with focus on micro- and nanoscale applications. Basic concepts of physical chemistry are presented, of which the fundamentals of electrochemistry are built. Theory of electrochemical methods for material analyses and material modifications are discussed with emphasis on the scaling behaviors.

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Competency in Chemical Engineering and Plant Design Certificate Competency in Chemical Engineering and Plant Design
  • Dec 2016
  • Not specified
  • Not specified

Process plants such as refineries and petrochemical plants are complex facilities consisting of equipment, piping systems, instruments, electrical systems, electronics, computers and control systems. The design, engineering and construction of process plants involves multidisciplinary team effort.

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Delft University of Technology

Short Course Advanced Course Downstream Processing
  • Jul 2016
  • Not specified
  • 5 days

The challenge for biochemical engineers is to design compact and clean processes to efficiently separate instable products, such as recombinant proteins, from dilute complex fermentation broths to the required pharmaceutical degree of purity. Therefore, the quantitative systematic design of integrated downstream processes is the general theme of this Advanced Course. The aim of the course is to provide the tools for the participants to be able to quantitatively and systematically design an integrated downstream process.

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Learn About Nuclear Energy Short Course Learn About Nuclear Energy
  • Any time
  • EEA € 200 per module
  • Non-EEA € 200 per module
  • 6 months

Nuclear energy is back in the news as governments around the world increasingly commit to building new nuclear reactors. Ranging from fission to fusion, this course explores the scientific and technological background to nuclear energy, the biological effects of radiation and the cost of producing electricity. Learn about nuclear energy is one of a series of 100-hour flexible online courses introducing fascinating topics in science.

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Kaunas University of Technology

Certificate Chemical Engineering
  • Nov 2016
  • International € 810 per module
  • Not specified

The following problems are analyzed in the module: formal kinetics, kinetics and catalysis of complex chemical reactions; integration of differential kinetic equations; experimental methods of catalysis; thermodynamic and heat transfer parameters of chemical processes; processes of mass transfer in the flow of two phases, when chemical reaction go in different phases.

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