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Certificate Chemical Safety Assessment Under REACH

This Chemical Safety Assessment Under REACH course at Utrecht Summer School provides a thorough introduction in chemical safety assessment, as required in the EU legislation REACH (Registration, Authorisation, Evaluation and restriction of Chemicals).

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UU)
Short Course Chemical Principles I

The "Chemical Principles I" summer course from Stanford Summer is designed for students with moderate or no background in chemistry.



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Chemistry is the science that covers composition, properties, structure and reactions of molecules, atoms and systems that include the two. Chemistry originated from the medieval art of alchemy, which sought to create gold through various transformations of materials. However, these experiments resulted in other scientific discoveries that created the basis for modern chemistry.

Chemistry is strongly connected to physics, but it differs because chemical analysis is made at an atomic level and substances change their structure, shape or state. All this study is done with the purpose of understanding the origin of the substance. Chemistry is divided into materials science, quantum, organic, and inorganic chemistry. Students who earn a Master degree in Chemistry (Master of Science) can specialize in kinetics, combinatorial chemistry, cluster chemistry, photochemistry, theoretical chemistry and more.

Pursuing a Master’s degree in Chemistry leads to careers in research and science in disciplines such as chemical engineering, pharmaceutics, or the public sector. Some of the highest paid career prospects are as analytical chemists, engineers, healthcare scientists, toxicologists or research scientists.

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