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Agriculture and forestry include sciences related to the study of animal and plant life and the management of resources cultivated and produced in these environments.

Agriculture degrees study the cultivation of soil for the growing of plants, fungi and animals, meant for human consumption and use. Agriculture studies deal with sub-fields such as agribusiness, agro-economics, agronomy, farming, animal husbandry, or agronomy.

Forestry refers to the study of forest ecosystems and their creation, management and conservation. Students of degrees in forestry learn sustainable solutions to lumber usage, as a limited valuable resource. Bachelors in Forestry include information about the harmful effects of human and non-human activities on forests and forest habitats.

Both disciplines focus on the management of resources, while conserving and protecting the natural environment. They make use of elements related to the fields of biology, physics, social sciences, as well as political and managerial sciences.

Careers in agriculture and forestry cover a wide range of occupations including: agricultural consultant, arboriculture expert, commercial horticulturist, ecologist, environmental consultant, farm manager, forest manager, land-based engineer, marine scientist, soil scientist.

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Suggested Short Courses in Agriculture & Forestry

Certificate Laboratory Animal Science

The objective of this 2-week intensive course in laboratory animal science is to present basic facts and principles that are essential for the human use and care of animals and for the quality of research. The content of Laboratory Animal Science from Utrecht Summer School is in line with recommandations of the Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations (FELASA) regarding the training of the (young) scientist whose research involves the use of vertrebrate animals.

Certificate Food and Innovation in Rural Transition

The Food and Innovation in Rural Transition programme from the University of Pisa will be focused on gaining awareness and competencies about food issues and transition in agriculture and rural areas through the framework of innovation theories. This course is taught at Summer School in the viilage of Sillico comune di Pieve Fosciana (LU).

Certificate Diagnostic Avian and Exotic Animals Pathology

In Diagnostic Avian and Exotic Animals Pathology from Utrecht Summer School the student is trained to perform post-mortem diagnostics based on protocols, and to formulate, based on this diagnosis, the pathogenesis, the etiology and significance of the pathological conclusion for the contact animals.


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