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Law degrees prepare students to looks into the system of rules and regulations that are usually enforced through a set of institutions. Law works as a major social mediator between people. Studying law equips students with advanced communication skills and keen problem-solving abilities. Students are expected to have superior language skills and self-discipline, as considerable workload needs to be managed during the studies. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in law allows students to develop determination, commitment, intellect and stamina. It enables students to analyse both sides of complex problems and to come up with an effective and unbiased solution. Ethics is another very important component of law studies.

Law schools worldwide provide a wide range of Bachelors of Law (LL.B.), and Masters of Law (LL.M.) encompassing diverse academic disciplines including constitutional law, international law, private law, European law, business law and criminal law. The most advanced degree of law in the United States is the Doctor of Judicial Science (S.J.D.).

The knowledge and skills gained from a law degree provide a solid foundation for an exciting and challenging career path as a solicitor or barrister. Graduates can also have a vast number of opportunities in almost every industry with their ability to examine, negotiate and communicate with diverse people.

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Suggested Short Courses in Law

Certificate Business Law

The Certificate in Business Law from London School of Business and Finance, powered online by InterActive, provides in-depth insight into UK company law, and how it pertains to international transactions, joint ventures and partnerships, raising capital, bankruptcy, and legal regulation of companies.

United Kingdom
Advanced Diploma Law and Ethics

Successful business has its roots firmly embedded in sound legal practice and ethical responsibility. This short online course, Law and Ethics will give you detailed insight into legal systems, and outline how to implement fundamental legal concepts in business.

United Kingdom