Short Courses in Law

Law degrees prepare students to looks into the system of rules and regulations that are usually enforced through a set of institutions. Law works as a major social mediator between people. Studying law equips students with advanced communication skills and keen problem-solving abilities. Students are expected to have superior language skills and self-discipline, as considerable workload needs to be managed during the studies. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in law allows students to develop determination, commitment, intellect and stamina. It enables students to analyse both sides of complex problems and to come up with an effective and unbiased solution. Ethics is another very important component of law studies.

Law schools worldwide provide a wide range of Bachelors of Law (LL.B.), and Masters of Law (LL.M.) encompassing diverse academic disciplines including constitutional law, international law, private law, European law, business law and criminal law. The most advanced degree of law in the United States is the Doctor of Judicial Science (S.J.D.).

The knowledge and skills gained from a law degree provide a solid foundation for an exciting and challenging career path as a solicitor or barrister. Graduates can also have a vast number of opportunities in almost every industry with their ability to examine, negotiate and communicate with diverse people.

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Suggested Short Courses Programmes

European Politics and French Certificate European Politics and French
  • Sep 2017
  • EEA € 5,500 per semester
  • International € 5,500 per semester
  • 6 months

Starting in September 2016, this new programme will offer undergraduate and graduate students the unique opportunity to study European Politics and French in Lille.

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Postgraduate Program in Development Studies Certificate Postgraduate Program in Development Studies
  • Jan 2017
  • Sep 2017
  • EEA € 1,500 per semester
  • International € 1,500 per semester
  • 6 months

The Postgraduate Program in Development Studies focuses on development and capacity building through education, both in and outside school. It blends the theory and practice of capacity building, development work, and education into one exploratory and enterprising trajectory.

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English for Law Short Course English for Law
  • Jun 2017
  • National $ 6,045 per module
  • International $ 6,045 per module
  • 42 days

The English for Law course is offered at Yale English Language Institute. Make international connections and learn about the American legal system and the language it requires.

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Law, Society and Politics in Comparative Perspective Certificate Law, Society and Politics in Comparative Perspective
  • Jan 2017
  • EEA € 900
  • International € 900
  • 21 days

This course is designed for all students having an interest in social sciences – in particular, history, sociology or political science – or in law. It is designed as an undergraduate class, but the variety of students taking this course typically ranges from first-year students to post-graduate students. This Law, Society and Politics in Comparative Perspective course is offered by Freie Universität Berlin.

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International  Law Short Course International Law
  • Jun 2017
  • EEA € 3,324 per module
  • International € 3,324 per module
  • Not specified

Topics courses change every semester, offering advanced study in themes, theories and issues beyond the regular departmental course offerings. Taught by permanent or visiting faculty, recent Topics courses include: 'The French Elections', 'Refugee and Asylum Law', 'Turkey and the EU', or 'Law and Corruption'.

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Venice Academy of Human Rights Certificate Venice Academy of Human Rights
  • Jul 2017
  • EEA € 700 per module
  • International € 700 per module
  • 10 days

The Venice Academy of Human Rights is an international and interdisciplinary programme of excellence for human rights education, research and debate. It provides an enriching forum for emerging ideas, practices and policy options in the field of human rights. The Academy hosts distinguished experts to promote critical and useful research and innovation through the exchange of current knowledge.

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Siberian Federal University

Short Course International Summer Law School
  • Aug 2017
  • EEA € 145 per module
  • International € 145 per module
  • 14 days

The event has been held for 6 years annually, raising the interest in the sphere of legal communication among foreign and Russian students successfully. The Summer School on German law is planned to be held simultaneously with the Summer School on Russian law for students from Germany, whose participation is supported by DAAD program (German Academic Exchange Service).

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Utrecht Summer School

Certificate Introduction to Public International Law
  • Jul 2017
  • EEA € 550 per module
  • International € 550 per module
  • 5 days

The Introduction to Public International Law course at Utrecht Summer School will look at the role of international law in responding to today's global challenges, such as the Russian activities in Ukraine, the legal aftermath of Srebrenica, the ongoing conflict in Syria and Iraq, and climate change negotiations. These issues will be used to examine the nature and function of international law, its sources and subjects, and questions of jurisdiction and immunities, state responsibility and the responsibility of international organizations.

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Employment Law and Practice Short Course Employment Law and Practice
  • Oct 2017
  • EEA £ 1,070 per module
  • International £ 1,070 per module
  • 6 months

This module considers the characteristics of modern employment law relating to individuals. It looks at the characteristics of a contract of employment and issues relating to claims for breach of contract, unfair dismissal and redundancy. It also examines discrimination legislation relating to employment rights, and how the law has developed ‘family-friendly’ rights to employees.

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