Short Courses in Area & Cultural Studies

Area studies comprise all fields of a society from a certain geographic spot. Research in this field usually involves social sciences combined with humanities, with aspects such as the diaspora community and emigration. Meanwhile, cultural studies focus on perspectives and practices in certain cultures from Asian, African, American or Latin regions, and pay a special attention to ideology, class structures, ethnics, generations and other important factors.

Students in a Bachelor’s programme in area and cultural studies can choose an international university and specialize in one of the main civilizations or study abroad and learn more about the roots of that local culture. Students will develop international cultural sensibilities, an open mind to what makes a culture unique, but also similar to others, as well as find new ways of effective communication.

Area and cultural studies is a discipline that constantly blends theory with research, in order to understand the meaning that humans give to the world around them. Graduates have high chances of becoming analysts of the society, sociologists, marketing specialists, teachers or lecturers, in the public or private environment.

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Suggested Short Courses Programmes

Arabic Media and Culture Short Course Arabic Media and Culture
  • Jan 2017
  • Not specified
  • 24 days

The Arabic Media and Culture course at the University of Haifa introduces students whose proficiency in Arabic is on the high intermediate level to the language used in Arabic audio and written media.

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Birthright Taglit Academic Short Course Birthright Taglit Academic
  • May 2017
  • National $ 500
  • International $ 500
  • 14 days

By coosing Birthright Taglit Academic program from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev you’ll explore Israel with Israelis and see the “greatest hits” of Israel through the eyes of the locals on an awesome and authentic experience followed by a week spent in Eilat where you earn credit towards your major through a hands-on course on an incredible campus.

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Dutch Language and Culture Short Course Dutch Language and Culture
  • Aug 2017
  • EEA € 800 per module
  • International € 800 per module
  • 9 days

Twente Summer School at the University of Twente (UT) offers the Dutch Language and Culture course. The crash course in Dutch will familiarize you with everyday expressions and basic phrases in the Dutch language. You will learn how to introduce yourself and how to answer questions about yourself (where do you live? who do you know?) as well as asking other people questions

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Cooking Short Course Cooking
  • Any time
  • EEA € 830
  • International € 830
  • 1 months

For Tuscans, food is first and foremost synonymous with culture, a relationship with nature, and conviviality. In the cooking courses special focus is placed on the products, seasonality, and the territory. The Cooking course is offered at the Accademia Europea Di Firenze.

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Elementary French and Culture II Short Course Elementary French and Culture II
  • Jun 2017
  • EEA € 3,248 per module
  • International € 3,248 per module
  • Not specified

Elementary French and Culture II is a second semester Elementary French course, a continuation of level FR 1010 with emphasis on acquiring basic level of proficiency in the language and understanding the culture of France and the Francophone world.

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The arts of ancient Greece: the birth of classical taste Certificate The arts of ancient Greece: the birth of classical taste
  • Jun 2017
  • EEA € 350
  • International € 350
  • 84 days

"The arts of ancient Greece: the birth of classical taste" programme from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is addressed to art enthusiasts and archaeology fans, as well as anyone with an interest in the history of Greece or the classical world at large.

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Greek Philosophy Certificate Greek Philosophy
  • Jun 2017
  • EEA € 250
  • International € 250
  • 70 days

The "Greek Philosophy" programme from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is addressed to anyone who wants not only to learn what the ancient Greek philosophers taught, but also to philosophize on modern life through ancient Greek philosophy.

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Portuguese Language and Culture Certificate Portuguese Language and Culture
  • Sep 2017
  • International € 1,090 per year
  • 12 months

The Polytechnic Institute of Bragança offers Portuguese Language and Culture courses to international students with the aim of introducing them to or deepen their competences in the Portuguese language. The courses are open to students enrolled in a Portuguese major in a foreign higher education institution and to individual international students.

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Text, Memory, Monument Short Course Text, Memory, Monument
  • May 2017
  • Jul 2017
  • EEA € 552 per module
  • International € 1,550 per module
  • 13 days

The Text, Memory, Monument course from Aarhus University has been developed together with the Nordic Network for Renaissance Studies and is organised as a collaboration between the four Nordic institutes and the American University in Rome, and Aarhus University. The teachers are internationally established specialists in their fields. The course is open to qualified students from all countries.

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Postgraduate Program in Development Studies Certificate Postgraduate Program in Development Studies
  • Jan 2017
  • Sep 2017
  • EEA € 1,500 per semester
  • International € 1,500 per semester
  • 6 months

The Postgraduate Program in Development Studies focuses on development and capacity building through education, both in and outside school. It blends the theory and practice of capacity building, development work, and education into one exploratory and enterprising trajectory.

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Arts & Culture Management Certificate Arts & Culture Management
  • Jan 2017
  • Apr 2017
  • Sep 2017
  • EEA € 4,500 per module
  • International € 4,500 per module
  • 3 months

The European School of Economics (ESE) is the International Business School for the 21st century. A private College of Higher Education in international business offering unique Bachelor, Master, MBA, short courses and certificate programmes at its 6 centres in London, Milan, Florence, Rome, Madrid and New York – a truly international experience. Arts & Culture Management is offered by the European School of Economics - Florence

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