Short Courses in International Law

International law deals with relations between nations and states also known as law of nations, and is split into public international law, private international law and supranational law. International law deals with the legal interactions between nations, companies, or governments, assuring their proper rights.

Masters of international law offer many specialisations such as: international economic law, international security law, international criminal law, international environmental law, diplomatic law, international human rights law, etc.

Students of international law will be prepared to address topics such as: state elements of liability for internationally wrongful conduct, state responsibility for dangerous activities, law treaties and negotiation practices, means of settling international economic disputes.

Bachelors in international law may prepare graduates for future government positions as well as to work in departments that address issues such as international relations, European integration and legal reconciliation. Other career paths include private law firms that deal with international business transactions, international and non-profit organisations as well as intergovernmental organisations.

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Suggested Short Courses Programmes

Venice Academy of Human Rights Certificate Venice Academy of Human Rights
  • Jul 2017
  • EEA € 700 per module
  • International € 700 per module
  • 10 days

The Venice Academy of Human Rights is an international and interdisciplinary programme of excellence for human rights education, research and debate. It provides an enriching forum for emerging ideas, practices and policy options in the field of human rights. The Academy hosts distinguished experts to promote critical and useful research and innovation through the exchange of current knowledge.

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Utrecht Summer School

Certificate Introduction to Public International Law
  • Jul 2017
  • EEA € 550 per module
  • International € 550 per module
  • 5 days

The Introduction to Public International Law course at Utrecht Summer School will look at the role of international law in responding to today's global challenges, such as the Russian activities in Ukraine, the legal aftermath of Srebrenica, the ongoing conflict in Syria and Iraq, and climate change negotiations. These issues will be used to examine the nature and function of international law, its sources and subjects, and questions of jurisdiction and immunities, state responsibility and the responsibility of international organizations.

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National Taiwan University

Short Course International Trade Law and Practice
  • Jul 2017
  • International € 2,400 per module
  • 22 days

Our Summer+ 6 Program is National Taiwan University’s first international law summer program and provides substantial courses about international trade law and practice. Our top-notch instructors along with the high academic quality of our courses even allow you to obtain school credits. Summer+ 6 Program is an excellent opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with theoretical and practical knowledge about international trade law and lawyering. In addition, Summer+ 6 Program also offers an invaluable platform for students to increase their intercultural competence and expand their networks of international friends and connections

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The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Short Course International Summer School
  • Jul 2017
  • International € 2,150 per month
  • Not specified

The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s International Summer School (ISS) provides you with an exceptional opportunity to combine high-quality learning with an unforgettable summer experience. While attending, students can learn and live alongside other academic achievers from a range of cultures.

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European Public Law Organization

Certificate Global Law and Governance Summer School
  • Jul 2017
  • National € 380 per year
  • International € 380 per year
  • 7 days

Global Law and Governance Summer School offers an intensive full week summer program (25-29 July 2016) with courses and study sessions, all of them taught in the English language from a leading faculty from prestigious Universities around the world, with a completely interdisciplinary approach to law and policy. It is not a traditional summer school, it operates as a research-led teaching Academy, providing professors the opportunity to share their most recent research with a select group of students, through lectures, seminars and mini-colloquia. Students have access to a variety of seminars providing cutting-edge analysis on hot topics in global law and governance.

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Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies

Short Course Summer School on International Criminal Law
  • Jun 2017
  • EEA € 1,500 per module
  • International € 1,500 per module
  • 10 days

The course, which welcomes around 50 participants from all over the world, combines theory with practice: academics from Leiden University and experts from the international courts and tribunals lecture on topics as genocide, crimes against humanity, the crime of aggression, war crimes and modes of liability, while students develop their skills through an inter-active cross-examination session with senior trial lawyers from the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court and a challenging moot court exercise. Confirmed faculty includes Prof. Niels Blokker, (Leiden University), Prof. William Schabas (Leiden University), Dr. Philipp Ambach (ICC), Dr. Mohamed M. El Zeidy (ICC), Hirad Abtahi (ICC), Gilbert Bitti (ICC), Alexis Demirdjian (ICTY), Geoff Roberts (STL), Coleen Rohan (International Criminal Law Bureau) and Niamh Hayes (Institute for International Criminal Investigations). Young professionals and (law) students with a clear interest in the topic are invited to apply.

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Exploring the boundaries of international law Short Course Exploring the boundaries of international law
  • May 2017
  • EEA £ 1,940 per module
  • International £ 1,940 per module
  • 6 months

This module considers the complexities of international law in the twenty-first century by exploring the evolving role and function of international law in the modern world. You will start by considering the nature and development of the principles of international law before examining the role played by international organisations and non-governmental organisations. You will then focus on areas that challenge the application and effectiveness of the principles of international law such as security issues and humanitarian interventions and consider international law in its wider context. The module uses contemporary case studies to explore the boundaries of international law.

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University of Sussex

Short Course Human Rights: Bridging Theory and Practice
  • Jun 2017
  • EEA £ 1,480 per module
  • International £ 1,480 per module
  • 1 months

You consider some of the key achievements of the human rights movement around the world. Themes discussed will include the philosophical and political roots of modern human rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, developments in international human rights law, expansion of the global human rights system, human rights education as the basis for global citizenship, and finally minority rights and the rights of foreigners.

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Kalliopi Koufa Foundation

Certificate Thessaloniki Summer Course
  • Jun 2017
  • EEA € 250 per module
  • International € 250 per module
  • 10 days

The Second Thessaloniki Summer Course to be hosted by the Kalliopi Koufa Foundation in the historical city of Thessaloniki from 27 June to 8 July 2016 will deal with the ever-increasing importance of International Environmental Law and is titled International Environmental Governance: Contemporary Challenges and Prospects.

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University of California Irvine (UCI)

Certificate International Business Law
  • Any time
  • National $ 7,900
  • International $ 7,900
  • 3 months

Foundational knowledge of the laws and regulations that affect private international business transactions is essential to making good business decisions. The International Business Law program at University of California Irvine (UCI) teaches business professionals how to recognize and understand the major legal issues that arise in the negotiation, structuring, and implementation of deals involving the private sectors of commerce – contracts, property, and torts.

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University of Haifa

Short Course Study Abroad Semester Program
  • Jan 2017
  • Feb 2017
  • Mar 2017
  • Apr 2017
  • May 2017
  • Jun 2017
  • Oct 2017
  • Nov 2016
  • Dec 2016
  • Not specified
  • 3 months

Students who come to the University of Haifa International School for a semester or year will have an experience they will never forget! Our wide range of special track programs and courses fulfills any student's academic interest.

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