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Finance is concerned with monetary resources and everything related to it: assets, liabilities, banking, investment, credit, etc. Divided generally in three areas of expertise: public finance, corporate finance and personal finance, finance is very complex and requires solid knowledge and ability in areas such as mathematics, statistics, economics and sometimes computer programming.

Public finance deals with the finances of the state or the state divisions such as provinces, counties or municipalities, also including central banking system that have a great influence in the global economy. Corporate finance is focused on maximizing the profit or the value of a private enterprise by balancing risk and profitability in the management of investments and is the main area studies within a Bachelor or Master degree in finance.

Finance students will receive insight into business procedure and will achieve the capacity to make use of mathematical aptitude and take the organization's or client's goals, resources and options into consideration while making suggestions for financial growth.

The most common career paths for finance graduates are: commercial/investment banker, stock, insurance or real estate broker, financial planner, financial manager, economist, tax adviser, business analyst and more.

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Suggested Short Courses in Finance

Certificate Islamic Banking and Finance: Principles and Practical Solutions

In this "Islamic Banking and Finance: Principles and Practical Solutions" course offered by Utrecht Summer School the key issues of Islamic Banking and Finance will be discussed. Which are the rules that need to be respected? Based on that, financial contracts and assets have been developed, like Sukuk, Ijara and Musharaka. All these thems will be highlighted with case studies.

Short Course Principles of Finance

The Principles of Finance course from Imperial College Summer School serves as an introduction to the core concepts in finance. You will learn the nature and workings of financial markets and their use by corporations, investors and others, and the relevance of theory for financial and investment decision making.

United Kingdom
Short Course Corporate Finance - Financial Strategic Planning

This Corporate Finance - Financial Strategic Planning module at University of Sussex introduces you to applied and practical approaches to finance, including financial principles, analysing the capital structure of companies, valuation techniques to assess strategic decisions such as mergers and acquisitions or raising capital.

United Kingdom