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Marketing strives to understand customers’ needs and develop a plan that fulfils those needs. Marketing studies strategies that underlie sales techniques, business communication and business development. An important area of this discipline is marketing analysis, which deals with identifying potential customers and what products or services to develop in order to meet their needs. Marketing analysis also involves researching about competitors and to figure out the best options to distribute products and services to target markets.

Marketing degrees combine the mathematical and statistical courses with communications, design and organisational behaviour knowledge. Pursuing a Bachelor or Master degree in marketing, future marketing professionals achieve interpersonal and communication skills, commercial awareness and learn how to interpret complex information, integrate operation analysis so that they understand product requirements to create the design, message and strategy.

Graduates often look for career opportunities in advertising agencies, PR firms, corporate marketing, marketing research, brand management sales and retailing departments, and customer relationship management. Popular jobs in marketing include: marketing manager, market researcher, media planner, advertising planner/director, event organiser, public relations officer or executive, public affairs consultant, product manager, sales manager.

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Suggested Short Courses in Marketing

Short Course IE Summer School

Our summer school will take place at our Madrid campus located in the heart of the city. During the three weeks at IE, you will have the opportunity to take classes with an outstanding faculty, the same that teach our internationally recognized master degrees.

Short Course Strategic Management of Creativity and Innovation

The Strategic management of Creativity and Innovation course from Aarhus University is an intensive summer course taught over approximately 2-4 weeks in July and/or August. This means that you should expect to work with this course in class as well as independently (lectures, tutorials, presentations, group work, preparation) for a large portion of the day, most/all days of the teaching period.

Short Course Marketing

London School of Business and Finance’s four-day short courses in Marketing are designed to provide you with specific industry knowledge. Choose between Digital Marketing and Social Media and also Strategic Brand Management.

United Kingdom
Certificate Business Communication and Social Media

Social media are becoming ever more popular, and recent studies demonstrate their importance as platforms capable of contributing to the increased corporate transparency of international companies, which is now accepted to be one of the key factors for future economic stability. The Business Communication and Social Media course is offered at The University of Edinburgh.

United Kingdom