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Short Course Leadership for Managers and Important Key Psychological Insights

The Leadership for managers and important key psychological insights course from Aarhus University is designed for master students. By presuming basic knowledge of business administration, we will be able to develop key findings for future managers in positions with a strong leadership perspective. Participants should also bring intellectual curiosity and openness for changing ideas as well as a willingness to learn.

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Management, organisational and leadership studies comprise the knowledge necessary in planning, organising and supervising the resources of an organisation. The manager of an enterprise focuses on maintaining the business competitive and meeting the goals and objectives settled by the strategy plan, while employing both human and material resources.

Universities and business colleges offer a number of specialisations in the area including: general management, human resource management, operations management, project management, business management, etc. Most academic programmes are business administration and management degrees such as Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Master of Business Administration (MBA) or Master in Management (MIM).

Graduates in management, organisation and leadership can build their careers in any area or industry that implies following a business plan. These areas include, for example: retail, construction, hospitality and tourism, IT, supply chain and logistics, manufacturing, or public administration.

At entry-level, a graduate in management could be part of the sales staff or an assistant accountant, or even an area sales manager. By mid-level, they should have positions like sales and marketing manager of operations manager. Finally, advanced professionals become part of the board of directors, general managers or chief executive officers (CEO).

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