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Short Course Options in History of Science

Harvard Summer School offers several open-enrollment courses, specialized in History of Science, such as Self and Society: ''A Cultural History of Psychology'', ''Making Modern Medicine in America: A History, from 1800 to the Present'' and ''Art and Science from the Fifteenth to the Twentieth Centuries''.

Certificate Regenerative Medicine

The Regenerative Medicine course is offered at Utrecht Summer School. Learn about how regenerative medicine may hold the potential to bring (human and animal) therapies from the lab into the clinic. The convergence of science, technology and medicine in Utrecht are highlighted in this week-long course. This week-long course is comprised of meeting experts, patients, hands-on bench work, and demonstrations.

Faculty of Medicine (UU)
Certificate Clinical Trials Monitoring Workshop

The Clinical Trials Monitoring Workshop from Utrecht Summer School both offers advanced knowledge of GCP and European rules and regulations with respect to clinical trials design, execution and reporting, and will provide students with many of the skills needed to fulfill the roles of a Clinical Research Associate.


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Human medicine is a multidisciplinary field concerned with the study of the human body and its health conditions, so that diseases can be treated and prevented properly. Human medicine is a health science follows the track set by biomedical research and is also connected to therapeutics, nosology, medical humanities, urgent care, pharmacogenomics, medical ethics and other fields.

The study of human health has been a sensitive subject even from ancient times, when traditional medicine developed. Techniques are constantly developing and discoveries that improve the treatment of diseases strongly influence medical practice. Students who enrol in a Bachelor’s degree in human medicine can focus on medical specialisations such as genetics, immunology, neuroscience, toxicology, nutrition sciences, anatomy and many others. These specializations are also available as Master’s degree courses and offer an in-depth study of different aspects of human health.

Graduates of human medicine have the prospects to become health professionals such as bioengineers, pharmacists, therapists, nurses or even laboratory scientists.

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