Short Courses in Educational Research

The field of educational research sets as objectives to explore notions, theories and trends within the filed, to define and transfer types, characteristics and shared terminology, to describe and utilise methods and techniques of quantitative and qualitative research in a critical manner towards the concrete educational phenomenon. The educational research student, passionate about conducting research, has to immerse him/herself in research projects and research teams and throughout the studies gains reflexive, critical and analytical competencies and the ability to innovate the existing educational practices.Making use of other disciplines like psychology, anthropology, sociology and philosophy, educational research sets out to conduct its activity in a rigorous and systematic way. Due to the broad base for the methodology of educational research, the results are not always generalizable and have to be interpreted in the context of the used methodology.

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Issues in research with children and young people Short Course Issues in research with children and young people
  • Oct 2016
  • EEA  2,700 per year
  • Non-EEA  2,700 per year
  • 9 months

Are you interested in how research can contribute to our understandings of children and young people and learning more about their worlds? This module examines the research process through studies with young children, children and young people carried out in the fields of education, health and social care. It explores topics central to the research process such as ethics, diversity, power and the responsibilities of researchers. This is a project-based module with no exam and it will help you to develop your own research and analytical skills using audio, video and online materials.

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Genealogical Research Certificate Genealogical Research
  • Sep 2016
  • International $ 3,470 per module
  • Not specified

The Boston University Center for Professional Education Online Certificate in Genealogical Research offers an interactive, multimedia course of study that serves as excellent preparation for those who seek certification through the Board for Certification of Genealogists.

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Short Course Interdisciplinary Research: Crucial knowledge and skills
  • Nov 2016
  • Dec 2015
  • EEA  275 per year
  • Non-EEA  275 per year
  • 3 days

Are you a PhD-student or post-doc researcher who has an interest in or experience with the field of interdisciplinary research? Then this 3-day course supplies you with essential knowledge and skills! It also gives you the opportunity to share your experiences with other interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary researchers.

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Certificate Understanding Finnish Education: From Myths to Realities
  • Aug 2016
  • EEA  640 per module
  • Non-EEA  640 per module
  • 17 days

Finnish education is famous worldwide, especially thanks to the PISA tests. Thousands of specialists and students have visited the country to witness its educational 'miracle'. This course proposes to introduce Finnish education, discuss its characteristics.

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Certificate Writing Research Proposals
  • Feb 2016
  • Sep 2016
  • EEA  385 per module
  • Non-EEA  385 per module
  • 42 days

In this online course, which is specifically aimed at professionals, you will enhance your skills in writing a research proposal in English, both in terms of information elements and language. We will analyze the structure, vocabulary and grammatical structures of research proposals, including word order, articles, verb tenses, punctuation marks, modal verbs, hedging, referencing styles, and the use of transitional words and phrases. We will also address the concept of plagiarism and how to avoid it.

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Short Course 4+4 Mentored Independent Research
  • Jun 2016
  • EEA  1,480 per module
  • 2 months

This module allows international students to undertake a mentored independent research project while studying abroad. You undertake four weeks of studying an ISS session 1 module, followed by four weeks of mentored research supervised by the module tutor. Your research topic will grow out of your engagement with the module and the tutor, who will approve and supervise the independent research that follows.

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Certificate Research Methods and Skills (RMS)
  • Sep 2016
  • EEA  6,750 per year
  • Non-EEA  6,750 per year
  • 84 days

In this executive training program, you are trained in reviewing and critically assessing extant research as well as in developing, executing and presenting your own research project. The program is offered jointly by the School of Governance and Maastricht School of Management.

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Short Course Statistical analysis with missing data using multiple imputation and inverse probability weighting
  • Jun 2016
  • EEA  735 per module
  • Non-EEA  735 per module
  • 3 days

Missing data frequently occur in both observational and experimental research. They lead to a loss of statistical power, but more importantly, may introduce bias into the analysis. In this course we adopt a principled approach to handling missing data, in which the first step is a careful consideration of suitable assumptions regarding the missing data for a given study.

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Short Course Action Research
  • Jun 2016
  • EEA  322 per year
  • Non-EEA  322 per year
  • 2 days

This two day course will consider aspects of Action Research as an appropriate methodology for practitioner research.

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