Short Course The Center of Russian As a Foreign Language

  • On Campus
  • 28 days
  • USD150 per Module (International

    Tuition fee for the international students.

    USD150 per Module (EEA

    European Economic Area tuition fee is applicable to the students from EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

  • English ( Take IELTS test or Find a course )
| Moscow, Russia
The The Center of Russian As a Foreign Language course’s main goal is to guide students towards basic communicative competence in Russian and is delivered by HSE University.



By the end of the The Center of Russian As a Foreign Language course,offered by HSE, the students are expected to attain the following proficiency in each of the four skills:

  • Listening: Students should be able to comprehend isolated utterances and short conversation on topics of everyday life dealing with familiar situations.
  • Reading: Students should be able to read and understand simple texts about life in Russia and also texts that contain information necessary for the survival in a foreign environment such as street signs, short advertisements and menus, etc.
  • Speaking: Students will be able to initiate and maintain simple face-to-face short conversations on familiar topics. They will be able to employ a number of strategies to perform different functions such as polite requests, asking for information, responding to requests, etc.
  • Writing: Students achieve full control of the writing system and orthographic rules for elementary level. They will be able to describe their life in written in simple expressions.

Detailed Course Facts

Start dates and application deadlines

Started in

    Deadline was:
  • ( General

    General deadline, applies to everyone.


Dates reflect the university's timezone.

Tuition fee
  • USD150 per module ( International

    Tuition fee for the international students.

  • USD150 per module ( EEA

    European Economic Area tuition fee is applicable to the students from EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Programme fee:
  • $150 USD per credit
  • Online processing fee: $38 USD (registration fee will be waived for HSE students)
Programme fee covers:
  • tuition,
  • accommodation support*,
  • visa support,
  • at least one sight-seeing tour and social events.
*Accommodation support involves help with booking a place in one of HSE dormitories. The cost of accommodation (around 1 500 RUB/month) is not included in the programme fee.
Credits (ECTS) 4 ECTS
Duration full-time 28 days
Delivery mode On Campus
Educational variant Full-time
Entry Level Bachelor
Skill Disciplines Language Skills, Communication

Course Content

Linguistic content:

1) Phonetics. Russian alphabet. General characteristics of the sound system of the Russian

  • language. Articulation of vowels and consonants. Sound-letter correspondence (pronunciation rules
  • for the basic positional alternations of sounds). Stress and rhythm. Intonation structure.

2) Morphology

  • Noun. Gender. Singular and plural.
  • Adjective. Models of adjectives. Singular and plural.
  • Numerals. Cardinal numerals (0–1000).
  • Pronoun. Personal, possessive, demonstrative, interrogative.
  • Verb. The Past tense and The Present tense.
  • Adverb. Adverbs of place (/…), manner of action (/…) and time
  • (///).

3) Syntax.

  • Simple sentence. Sentence types: declarative and interrogative. Complex sentence ( /,
  • … , )

4) Vocabulary.

  • Vocabulary of students formed on the basis of conversational and everyday
  • vocabulary in the form of dialogue and monologue


Prof. Andrei Melville

Prof. Vladimir Zuev

Prof. M.Bratersky


Step 1

Read the information on our website and select the courses you are interested in.

Step 2

Decide whether you want to take Russian language classes and if you want to take a one-week course at HSE’s St. Petersburg campus.

Step 3

Fill in Request Information

You should receive a response from our team within five business days.

Step 4

Design your preliminary study plan with a Summer University programme manager.

Step 5

Complete and submit the Summer University application form (either online or emailed to programme managers). Please be sure to note in the form whether you will need a student visa. Please refer to the letter of recommendation sample.

Step 6

You will receive a Summer University acceptance letter from the programme managers.

Step 7

Accept your study plan as a supplement to your agreement with a programme manager.

Step 8

Pay the online registration fee ($38 USD) and send confirmation of the payment to the programme managers.

If you need a visa, complete the visa invitation application form, and submit it to the programme managers, together with a scanned copy of your passport.

Step 9

You will receive a letter of invitation for your visa application from the programme manager. Please note that this process usually takes one month.

Step 10

Purchase your tickets to and from Moscow as well as a health insurance plan. Please send this information to the programme managers. (If you do not need a visa, you can skip steps 11 and 12).

Step 11

Apply for Russian visa (if you need a visa).

Step 12

Once you have received the visa, please send a scanned copy of it to the programme managers and sign the visa notification form.

Step 13

You will receive an electronic copy of the programme agreement with the specified number of credits you will take and the cost.

Step 14

Please send a signed scan of the programme agreement to the programme managers. Pay for your courses via by bank transfer and then send a confirmation of the payment to the programme managers.

Step 15

Print out HSE’s medical certificate form, complete and sign it, and bring it to your doctor or local medical office for them to stamp or sign. Hold onto this – you will need this to register at the dormitory.

Step 16

Collect all of your documents for travel – your programme agreement, Summer University invitation letter, passport with visa (if you have a visa), a photocopy of your passport, a signed and stamped health certificate, information about your health insurance, and money (you will be able to change dollars and euros into rubles at the airport or at currency exchanges and banks). Check the weather, make a list of Russian souvenirs to bring back for your family and friends, and don`t forget a camera!

Step 17

Contact the programme managers to discuss transportation from the airport to your dormitory.

Step 18

You are ready to go to Moscow!

Step 19

You will receive a migration card at the airport upon arriving in Moscow – it is very important that you hold onto this! (You must present your migration card to leave the country.)

Step 20

Someone from HSE will meet you at the airport. They will bring you to the dormitory and help with your registration. You must be registered within 7 working days after your arrival.

Step 21

Check the dates and times that your classes start on our website.

Step 22

Send your migration card and a copy of your passport to our Visa and Travel Support Department. (You can ask people at the dormitory for help with this.)

Step 23

Pay for your dormitory accommodation at the ORGBANK (Myasnitskaya, 22/1). (Our staff or buddies can help you.)

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