35 Sociology Short Courses in United Kingdom


Sociology deals with studying human society by analysing and investigating it using several methods of empirical research. Sociology is a branch of social science covering topics such as deviance, social stratification, social class, culture, social mobility, law and religion. Sociology is related to disciplines such as anthropology, social psychology, or philosophy.

Find and compare 35 Short Courses in Sociology in United Kingdom. Below is a selection of the available study options in United Kingdom. If you're interested in studying Sociology in United Kingdom you can view all 35 Short Courses. You can also read more about the Sociology discipline in general, or about studying in United Kingdom.

Suggested Short Courses Programmes

University of Sussex

Short Course Social Development Across the Lifespan
  • Jun 2017
  • EEA £ 1,480 per module
  • International £ 1,480 per module
  • 1 months

This module considers the development of social skills across the lifespan, from childhood to old age. The module offers an eclectic approach to understanding social development and challenges students to integrate psychological, sociological and neurological research in developing an informed and considered opinion about why they are the way they are today.

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Issues in contemporary social and political philosophy Short Course Issues in contemporary social and political philosophy
  • Jan 2017
  • EEA £ 2,764 per module
  • International £ 2,764 per module
  • 9 months

Building on the philosophy postgraduate foundation module, this module explores issues with a significance that extends far beyond the boundaries of academic philosophy. You’ll look at distributive justice, liberalism versus communitarianism and the metaphysics of social explanation – and go on to examine citizenship, nationalism, punishment and democracy in the light of these themes. You’ll develop your ability to analyse philosophical texts; reflect on the process of philosophical research; and hone your skills in finding and using material. You’ll also be required to show greater independence of thought and the ability to put across a coherent case for a philosophical position.

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Relationships, Families and the Law Short Course Relationships, Families and the Law
  • Oct 2016
  • EEA £ 1,070 per module
  • International £ 1,070 per module
  • 8 months

This module examines the role of law in the context of modern relationships and family life. This includes issues such as living together, marriage, divorce and the law relating to children, and related issues of tax, family property and inheritance.

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Durham University

Short Course Energy Transitions in Contemporary and Emerging Societies
  • Jul 2017
  • EEA £ 1,400 per module
  • International £ 1,400 per module
  • 14 days

This short course offers an in-depth overview of the interconnections between energy and society. By attending you will gain a unique interdisciplinary understanding of how energy is shaped by, and gives rise to, issues associated with development, politics, climate change and sustainability, technologies and lifestyles.

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Short Course A Level Sociology
  • Any time
  • EEA £ 330 per module
  • International £ 330 per module
  • Not specified

The Sociology A Level course looks at the way society works and develops. The study of sociology is absorbing and highly practical, with applications in a wide range of professional and personal situations, from families and education to the media and crime. Sociology study is important because we all operate within society. Our customs, laws, morals and working systems shape our lives and determine the future direction of society, and the A Level Sociology course takes you into that vital field of knowledge, whether for a career in sociology or elsewhere.

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