Study Sociology in United Kingdom

Study Sociology in United Kingdom

Studying Sociology

Sociology deals with studying human society by analysing and investigating it using several methods of empirical research. Sociology is a branch of social science covering topics such as deviance, social stratification, social class, culture, social mobility, law and religion. Sociology is related to disciplines such as anthropology, social psychology, or philosophy.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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7 Sociology Short Courses in United Kingdom

Short Course Energy Transitions in Contemporary and Emerging Societies

The Energy Transitions in Contemporary and Emerging Societies  course from Durham University offers an in-depth overview of the interconnections between energy and society. By attending you will gain a unique interdisciplinary understanding of how energy is shaped by, and gives rise to, issues associated with development, politics, climate change and sustainability, technologies and lifestyles.

Short Course Minorities, Migrants and Refugees in European Education

Maintaining the identity and stability of states with multi-ethnic and multilingual populations has been a major aim of national educational systems all over the world for at least the last hundred years. How this has been done, what models there are to choose from, and how education systems can be changed to meet the needs of Minorities, Migrants and Refugees in European Education are some of the principal concerns of this module from UCL Institute of Education (IOE).

Institute of Education
Short Course Introduction to Sociology

This module is designed to introduce international students to sociology. Sociology focuses on the systematic study of human societies, particularly modern industrial societies, by exploring social interaction, social structures and social change. Sociology as an academic discipline has its roots in attempts to understand the profound social, economic and political changes associated with industrialisation, initially in Europe and later in North America and other parts of the world.

International Summer School
Short Course A Level Sociology

The Sociology A Level course looks at the way society works and develops. The study of sociology is absorbing and highly practical, with applications in a wide range of professional and personal situations, from families and education to the media and crime. Sociology study is important because we all operate within society.