ISM University of Management and Economics

Vilnius, Lithuania
ISM University of Management and Economics is an institution of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate education in business, management and economics. The University serves as an advanced centre of market analysis, executive training and leading academic thought.
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  • 1800 Students
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ISM University of Management and Economics is an institution of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate education in business, management and economics. The University serves as an advanced centre of market analysis, executive training and leading academic thought.

ISM University of Management and Economics was established in Kaunas in 1999 as the first privately owned institution of management education in Lithuania. The main founders of ISM are Norwegian School of Management and The Norwegian Industrial and Regional Development fund. The predecessor of ISM was the Business Training Centre, well-known executive training institution in Lithuania.

Since the 1995, when the Business Training Centre took the beginning, the main motive power was to contribute to the development of Lithuanian business community in providing up to date management knowledge. By offering a variety of executive courses, management training programs, market research, personnel evaluation, BMC was recognized as a leading institution of management training and consulting in Lithuania. Now BMC is the training and consulting department at ISM.

ISM today
  • Campuses in Vilnius and Kaunas
  • More than 1800 students
  • International Quality Accreditation (IQA)
  • European Credit Transfer Label (ECTS label)
  • ISM Bachelor and Master Business and Management programmes have been accredited and awarded the highest assessment by the team of international experts invited by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education.
  • All levels of university studies: doctoral, executive education and training, graduate, undergraduate
  • Research Institute
  • Professors from across the globe
  • Exchange programmes with universities in more than 20 different countries
Vision, Mission and Values

While creating a special ISM community, ISM University of Management and Economics seeks to become a base for everyone wishing to discover in themselves new abilities and advantages in todays changing business environment. ISM responsibly encourages every individual to make use of their full powers of wisdom and creativity and never stop along the road of development.

  • a dynamic and modern European university of management and economics, serving lifelong educational needs of individuals, business and society in general.
  • professional and socially responsible development of high relevance managerial competence and economic thought.
  • are the basis of our activities, the constitution we hold to in our everyday work and proclaim to our clients.
  • Expertise creative professionalism
    We see expertise as creative professional excellence based on deep knowledge and practical experience and expressed as a holistic vision and as an enabler for insights, alternatives and solutions.
  • Entrepreneurship idea, initiative, implementation
    We see entrepreneurship as a desire to explore and implement new opportunities to enhance quality and generate a higher value for the organisation as a whole and for each person individually. For us, entrepreneurship is the realisation of creativity.
  • Social responsibility harmony of interests of the organisation, its members and society
    It is a responsible approach and open relation among the organisation, its staff and society. A socially responsible organisation communicates transparently, is committed to integrity in decision-making and serves the advancement of society.
  • Partnership teaming and cooperation among the staff of the organisation
    Working towards a common goal and demonstrating commitment to the University and to each other, as ones free choice.

Short Courses

Social Sciences (1)

Many organisations offer scholarships or grants. Some of these might help you to study for a Short Course at ISM University of Management and Economics!


ISM University of Management and Economics continuously maintains the concept of life-long learning. Whether you are an experienced executive, a prospective masters degree student, or high school graduate everyone will find ones place either at ISM Executive, Graduate or Undergraduate schools. A new generation of researchers is also being developed through Doctoral Studies.

The idea behind the three schools is based upon the principle that strong links bind together the practical goals of business people, the scientific ambitions of graduate students, and the sparkling enthusiasm of undergraduates. The three schools of ISM will meet the needs of future businesses with relevant research and the creative thought of bright ISM graduates and doctoral students.

Doctoral Studies

ISM is the first and the only private university in Lithuania offering a Doctoral Studies Programme in Management and Administration. Doctoral studies are intended for students who are planning their scholarly and academic careers in management and business people who are in need of a theoretical background and new insights into the business environment.

Executive School

The Executive School, joining together academic and training programs, encompasses the broadest experience in business and management education. The Executive School is intended to be the flagship of the rest of the ISM fleet: the Graduate and Undergraduate schools.

Graduate School

The Graduate School encourages aspiring young specialists to follow the direction of today's business needs and foster ideas and better solutions for tomorrow's global economy. The key objectives of this programme are to stimulate innovative decision-making processes and strengthen each students ability to identify and respond to management challenges in the international arena.

Undergraduate School

The objectives of the Undergraduate School are to develop the appropriate professional abilities and educate a mature and well-rounded personality. The ISM Bachelors Degree provides both a substantial theoretical background and practical experience and also imparts the desire for continuous improvement.

Student Life

  • ISM in Vilnius is located in a historic building in the Old Town, a former Basilian monastery. The set of buildings, which was repaired thoroughly and with respect to their original historic heritage, has again become the center of science. The courses are held by prominent academics and excellent teachers in Management, Economics and related fields. Unlike many state universities, ISM is highly motivated to maintain its record as, possibly, the best educator for young and ambitious managers and entrepreneurs.


    • ISM has received an award from EDUNIVERSAL that placed ISM among the 300 top World Business Schools. It was granted four palms and, together with 200 business schools, was grouped under the second category TOP Business Schools. By this score ISM takes the leading position in Lithuania and ranks among the highest in Central and East Europe.
  • International Quality Accreditation (IQA)
    • Awarded to ISM in 2006 by the Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN).
  • European Credit Transfer Label (ECTS label)
  • Accreditation by the Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education
    • The group of international experts who carried out the accreditation of business and management study programmes at Lithuanian universities in 2005 accredited the business and management bachelors and masters degree programmes of ISM University of Management and Economics without any additional conditions.

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