How to Spend Your Summer Smartly - 10 Reasons to Enrol in an International Summer School -

How to Spend Your Summer Smartly - 10 Reasons to Enrol in an International Summer School

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Not sure what to do to make your summer unforgettable? Choose an intensive study experience abroad and begin your international summer adventure. You have many options to choose from, as universities and other higher education institutions all over the world provide many summer study opportunities. Travel, broaden your horizons and have the time of your life in one unforgettable experience that will surely contribute to your personal enrichment.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider taking a summer school course:

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1. Enjoy yourself

It’s the summer vacation after all. Balance relaxation after a demanding academic year with continuing your personal development. Having a change of scenery in a different environment is a chance to clear your mind and gain a new perspective. Find the summer course that best suits your needs and expectations. If you feel you’ve had a tough year, you can always choose a shorter or a less challenging summer course.

2. Engage in fun activities

Universities offering summer courses are aware that, in addition to an enriching experience, students are also expecting to have a fun time abroad. For this reason, most summer programmes often offer fun activities as well. Pick a sunny destination close to the seaside, explore the mountains, practice sports or discover famous cities and local attractions. There is no reason to think that your summer school experience can’t also offer a rewarding summer vacation abroad.

3. Improve your language skills

Whether you choose to study a language-learning summer course or another subject, you will probably have a chance to improve your foreign language proficiency. Most summer schools usually provide optional language courses, in addition to the main programme, to assist students in advancing their language skills. A good command of a foreign language greatly helps students who plan to pursue an education programme abroad in the future. Improve your language skills in English, French, Spanish or German, or get accustomed to a less known local language.

4. Meet new people

A summer school course is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people with different backgrounds and make new friends from all over the world. You will exchange ideas, understand better how others think and broaden your horizons. If you are a bit shy, the small group setting, the class activities and relaxed atmosphere is sure to help you open up. You will develop your social skills and create the foundation for a possible network of future business contacts.

5. Learn new things and develop new skills

Would you like to test your skills in a different discipline? You can challenge yourself by taking up a short course and learning about something completely new! Pursue your personal interests and gain access to a subject you might not be able to study in your own academic institution. Dare to discover and nurture a passion for a particular subject. A new skill is always a great addition to your CV and will help you stand out in the highly competitive academic world. Gain a diverse knowledge base to open new career opportunities and improve your self-confidence.

6. Advance your knowledge of a subject

Do you still have unanswered questions related to a subject you have studied in the previous academic year? Talented teachers may provide a fresh perspective on a particular topic and stimulate your curiosity. Prepare for the next year in advance, and make your life a bit easier. Most summer courses offer credits that can be transferred to your own university and help you graduate faster.

7. Learn about new places and cultures

The great variety of summer courses offered by universities in Europe, the United States, Australia and other parts of the world, offer you endless possibilities of getting to know and understand different cultures. Gain an international perspective in an increasingly globalized world.

For example, The University of Westminster offers a summer course placed in the centre of London, where students can visit relevant tourist sites and get a detailed understanding of the city as a major European tourist destination.

See the selection of the best European summer schools to make your summer 2022 unforgettable!

8. Decide for yourself

An introductory course in a particular subject is a great way to test if you would like to learn more on the particular topic. A summer school course may be the crucial step to help you decide if you would like to enrol in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree to extend your knowledge of the subject.

9. Get to know possible study destinations

Most universities and higher education institutions organise summer programmes in order to attract future students. You can be sure you will have lots of fun, as you will see the best the university has to offer. If your mind is already made up, you can enrol in a summer course to strengthen your university application and add relevant academic achievements.

10. Affordable costs

A summer school course is a great alternative to a longer exchange programme. You will cut down on costs and get the intensive study experience. If your experience is not what you have expected, you won’t have to spend too much time there. The costs depend on the study location, the course duration and additional activities. In most cases, accommodation is included in the price.

Can you find your own reasons for studying an intensive summer school course? Go to, pick a course and enjoy the time of your life this summer!

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