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5 Summer School Subjects that Inspire You to Excel in 2023

As summer school courses are growing in popularity and attracting students from various areas of interest, universities throughout Europe provide an increasingly wide range of summer courses to choose from.

Select your preferred subject from almost any field of study including: Arts, Behavioural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Culture, Entrepreneurship, History, Languages, Law, Medicine, Ecology, and more.

Find affordable summer school courses designed for international students at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level. You may also search for short courses for post-doctorates and experienced professionals looking to advance their knowledge in a particular specialisation. Most summer programs offer transferrable academic credits that may be taken in consideration in the following academic year.

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Many universities offer multidisciplinary courses in order to generate new knowledge that can be applied in diverse complex settings. As summer courses are usually organised in short modules, teachers stimulate the creativity and curiosity of students, while offering them the practical tools to apply their knowledge immediately after completing the course.

Here are a few subjects you may want to study this summer:

1. Summer school business studies

Many summer courses focus on understanding and predicting the dynamics of business in various settings. Learn how to design a successful business strategy, how to adapt to changing economic situations, or how to utilise the global marketplace and the latest technology to ensure a successful business career.

Focus on strategies related to small businesses, or large organisations. Learn specialised terms and concepts and understand key factors in business and trade between the EU, U.S., China and the rest of the world.

Many courses provide simulations to test out learned concepts from a practical standpoint. Some programs also provide team-building activities to improve your group work and leadership skills. Gain knowledge in areas such as:

  • marketing
  • entrepreneurship
  • finance
  • big data
  • communication
  • social awareness

Check out plenty of business summer courses worldwide.

2. Law summer courses

While there are many summer courses that focus on the unique elements of legal systems of different countries, many summer courses analyse the compatibility challenges between national and international law. Learn how law influences the dynamics of economics, ethics, and society as a whole.

Choose a short summer programme that focuses on the challenges of adapting law to the age of information. Interested students may choose a summer course in Information Law and Internet Governance, E-commerce and more. Delve deeper into how the law can protect intellectual property, and the norms related to database protection.

Check out law summer courses worldwide.

3. Languages and Communication short courses

Summer schools present many opportunities to advance your language skills. Choose a language course in one international language such as English, French, Spanish or German. Begin an introductory course in a language that has peaked your curiosity and decide if you would like to study it in greater depth. If you plan to study abroad, you can choose a course that improves your academic language skills, or one that focuses on specific industry terms in the fields of Business, IT, Medicine, Law, or others.

Depending on your particular interests, you can develop your grammar, enrich your vocabulary, or improve your communication, while also learning more about the culture related to the language. Take introductory courses such about Japanese culture, American pop culture, life in Britain, education in Finland.

4. Health and Medicine short university programs

If you are a medical professional, you can develop your knowledge by choosing one of the many health-education summer courses available worldwide. Study Dental Health Education, or receive detailed information about the latest infectious diseases and research dedicated to finding effective cures.

Learn about trends that will determine the future of modern medicine and ways to offer sustainable healthcare to populations across the globe. Become familiar with the latest technological advancements in various fields of medical practice.

Study top summer courses in the field of Medicine at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

Select the right medicine summer course from universities worldwide.

5. Summer courses in the Creative Arts

Develop your creative skills or find out if a particular creative discipline is right for you, by taking an international summer course! Try creative writing to test out your potential, or learn the latest 3D design techniques. Experience programs on very specific subjects, such as the Games and History summer course offered by the University of Helsinki, and learn about board game and computer game design.

Professional artists have the option of choosing expert courses in theatre, dance or music. Trinity College Dublin offers dance professionals insight into the famous Riverdance. They will also develop strategies to choreograph a show of their own. Other students may choose to learn how to play a musical instrument from a professional the Orchestral Manoeuvres summer program.

Find a summer program in arts abroad.

Choose from these subjects and more

Embrace a summer full of new ideas and let yourself be inspired! Don’t forget that each summer course is unique in its own way, so make sure to check the requirements and study outcomes of the program. Enjoy a summer of discovery, fun and self-development!

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