Choosing and Studying in Design Summer School in Europe

By Marta Sukhno

Whether you are still a student or already a graduate, you most probably have some free time in summer and want to use it beneficially for your career or studies. In this case, one smart choice to make is a summer school!

Find short courses in design worldwide

Here are some great short term courses to match any need:

Short Course Developing Illustration Practice 

University of Edinburgh

Location: London, UK

Tuition fee: £ 1,725 / Module (International)

Start date: July 2015

The exploration of processes and materials and the use of a range of established and experimental techniques will enable students to cultivate their own personal visual language. Students will be provided with the opportunity to present a range of studio work demonstrating a range of ideas, story boarding and development. Students will be expected to produce a resolved output in response to their own ambitious personal illustration brief, and in addition set out issues relevant to their project within a short critical essay.

Short Course Functional Interior Design

London School of Business and Finance

Location: London, UK

Tuition fee: £ 1,650 / Module (EEA) or £ 1,650 / Module (Non-EEA)

Start date: May 2015, September 2015

Gain an invaluable insight into a practicing interior designer's working life. During this course you will explore both the creative and practical components of interior design and work on a sketchbook and how to develop a detailed design / scheme. This will all prepare you for a one-room project which you will present at the end of the course.

Short Course Introduction to Experience Design

Breda University of Applied Sciences

Location: Breda, Netherlands

Tuition fee: € 800 / Module (EEA)

Start date: July 2015

This 5-day program applies the Imagineering methodology, and more specifically Experience Design, on real life challenges. The first 3 days are an immersive dive into a hands-on and experiential world of discovery and learning in the fields of experience design, co-creation and innovation. Keywords: extraordinary challenges, impulsive celebration, the element of surprise and honest reflection on self and collective learning. After this deep introduction about the Imagineering methodology, a field trip to an inspiring company will be organized and a day with a social program.

Certificate Creative Processes in Art and Design

Aarhus University

Location: Aarhus, Denmark

Tuition fee: € 333 / Module (EEA) or € 2,100 / Module (Non-EEA)

Start date: July 2015

The evaluation of exam performance will be based on the extent to which the student shows command of a selection of creativity techniques and methods to support the students own creative activities within one or across various creative domains; exhibits critical insight into salient features of creative processes in art and design as seen within a humanistic, cross-disciplinary perspective; is able to analyze, discuss, and evaluate these insights; and can successfully link these insights to his/her individual subject knowledge and thereby synthesise and contribute new knowledge.

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