Summer Schools Worldwide in 2023 - Summer, Sun and Studying -

Summer Schools Worldwide in 2023 - Summer, Sun and Studying

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Summer schools are a great way to boost up your academic knowledge during the summer break without having to miss out on a change of scenery.

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What are summer schools?

Summer schools or summer academies are an increasingly popular kind of education that is offered by universities and other institutes of higher education during the summer break. The variety of what is offered by summer schools in Europe or abroad is huge. Some summer programs focus for example on a certain subject in a full-time intense course. Others are less intensive and also offer a cultural programme and language courses along the way, giving you the chance to get to know the country and culture. The duration of a summer school varies from anything between a couple of days up to 8 weeks.

What are the advantages of attending a summer school abroad?

  • ECTS credits: Many summer schools offer ECTS credits for their courses. They are well-recognized worldwide and can enable you to replace a part of your studies with a summer school course! That gives you a less packed schedule during the semester and the possibility to speed up your studies.
  • Experience abroad: Studying in another country is a great experience and gaining international experience already during your studies is getting increasingly important in the job market. Unfortunately, not every student has the time and the chance to spend a full semester abroad. Before considering university courses, summer schools are a great alternative to getting your study abroad experience!
  • Get to know people, country, and culture: Summer schools are not only about the academics but can also give you great experiences that go far beyond the average summer holiday! Along the way, you have the great opportunity to get to know fellow students from all over the world, improve your language skills, meet locals, experience a different culture and much more!
  • Good try out: Are you undecided which university to choose for your Master’s or which specialisation to take? Summer schools are a great opportunity to get to know a university or a certain subject beforehand.

Who provides summer schools to international students?

The number of summer schools is already overwhelming and growing rapidly. On you can find and compare hundreds of summer school programmes all over the world!

Many of the summer schools are offered by renowned universities. This guarantees you experienced and competent staff as well as high academic quality. Besides, there are numerous private institutions offering short-term courses such as intensive language courses or certain certificates, for example.

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What are the costs of a summer school?

Attending a summer school usually involves some costs, but they are also a good investment into your (academic) career and can increase your opportunities on the job market. As diverse as summer schools are, so are their tuition fees. Depending on institute, programme, and duration, the tuition fee can range from anything between 0 and several thousand Euros.

Besides, you should consider the traveling expenses and costs for accommodation and living during a summer school. Many universities offer affordable accommodation in student dormitories for example but also staying in a hotel is a possible option.

How to apply for a summer school?

The application period for summer schools is typically between April and May each year but also later deadlines are possible. For some short courses, it is even possible to apply until shortly before the summer school starts. This is great if you are still not sure about your availability due to (re-take) exams or other obligations.

The application process is usually quite easy and can be done by filling out an online form. Besides, some further documents such as a proof of enrolment are needed. Many summer schools require that you have sufficient knowledge of the instruction language and completed a language test such as TOEFL or IELTS. In that case, make sure that you complete your language test early enough so that you don’t miss the application deadline. It usually takes several weeks between preparing for the test, taking the test and receiving the final results.

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