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Business Intelligence and Analytics is about making information fun but also manageable; or similar to what Leonardo da Vinci said: “it’s the art of science where you can develop your senses and learn how to see”. Bachelor and Master degrees in Business Intelligence and Analytics teach you how to gather the right set of information out of dozens of irrelevant or unreliable data.

Business Intelligence and Analytics covers tools and applications used to collect and interpret data from various sources, create reports and then provide solutions for various business issues. With the help of Business Intelligence, you can evaluate business goals or customer behaviour so you can address solutions such as poor performance management or what causes the company to lose clients. During a Business Intelligence and Analytics degree, students learn how to combine and make use of statistics, data science and computer engineering, while also developing analytical and mathematical skills.

Students who complete degrees in Business Intelligence and Analytics enter the following careers:

• Systems analyst
• Senior stats analyst
• Program developers
• Business optimisation consultant
• Data/ Business Intelligence manager

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