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Business Intelligence and Analytics is a discipline that uses digital tools and strategies to analyse business data. The gathered information is used to improve business operations, make future predictions and adapt strategies to fit observed trends.

Some of the subfields within Business Intelligence and Analytics include Statistics, Information Management, Data Analytics, Risk Management, Analytics and Modelling, and Digital Innovation.

During courses, you will discover business intelligence tools and applications used to collect and interpret data from various sources. You'll be working with data warehouses, creating reports, analysing data, and understanding how you can use them to make better business decisions.

With the help of Business Intelligence & Analytics, you can evaluate business goals and customer behaviour in order to address issues such as poor performance management or loss of clients. Students learn how to combine and make use of Statistics, Data Science, and Computer Engineering, while also developing analytical, problem-solving, and mathematical skills. You will also discover how to efficiently communicate technical or statistical information to people who aren’t experts in these fields.

If you’re not passionate about numbers and organising information, this discipline is probably not for you. Business Intelligence & Analytics is for the people who are excited by the opportunity to find patterns, work with large amounts of data, and use it to actually change something in their company, organisation, or community. It’s not the kind of job that will help you be on the first page of newsletters, but many improvements we are benefiting from come from this type of work.

Business Intelligence and Analytics graduates have successful careers as system analysts, senior stats analysts, programme developers, business operation consultants, business intelligence managers, and others.

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