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Aquaculture and Fisheries teaches all there is to know about breeding and harvesting water plants and animals for commercial purposes. The Aquaculture discipline studies biological processes related to fish farming technologies. The field of Aquaculture assists in the demand for seafood and also enables existing fisheries remain sustainable and consistent. The aquaculture and fisheries discipline makes use of topics from other disciplines like: Biology, Animal Sciences, Biodiversity and Conservation.

Topics covered by Aquaculture and Fisheries studies include: animal diversity, introductory microbiology, shellfish aquaculture, genetics of fish, politics of the ocean, fish processing, aquaculture systems engineering.

By studying Aquaculture and Fisheries degrees, future professionals use theories and concepts, develop knowledge of animal breeding, processing and evaluation of their productions. Students will understand and adapt scientific knowledge in aquaculture and natural resource conservation, planning and development. An aquaculture specialist will keep up to date with innovations in the field and may take up responsibilities such as protecting resources from overfishing, the dangers of industrial waste and pollution.

Aquaculture and Fisheries career prospects for graduates cover jobs like: technicians and managers in fish farms, scientific observers, fishing fleet and regional fisheries managers, biologists in organisations such as aqua or fish centres.

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