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University of Kaiserslautern

The TU Kaiserslautern not only stands for excellent technical education, but also maintains attractive advanced training, leisure and cultural programmes for all members of the university community.

Short Courses



As the sole technology and natural sciences university in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz, the TU has acquired an impressive reputation since it was founded in 1970. The magazines Spiegel and Focus give it top rankings in a number of categories. In a national competition held in October 2009 it was given an award for “excellence in teaching”.


  • The curriculum at Kaiserslautern University is comprehensive: Organized in twelve departments, more than 100 courses are currently offered. The university enrollment is of moderate size with approximately 13,700 students, which ensures an outstanding teacher-student ratio. Additionally, the many professional associations and other student groups offer active support to students throughout the course of their studies.
  • Internships and semesters abroad enable an academic education closely aligned with professional practice. Our students also benefit from the many research institutes established on or in close proximity to the campus and cooperate closely with the university in various areas of applied research.


The University of Kaiserslautern (TU Kaiserslautern) has a strong focus on science and research. The aim is to promote research excellence by fostering the work of its scientists and creating the optimal starting conditions for junior researchers to achieve top performances.


The TU also offers interesting possibilities for persons interested in vocational training. There is a great variety of training courses for numerous occupations both in industrial / technical fields and in the administrative / commercial area.

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Student services

The TU Kaiserslautern offers customized support plans not only for the bachelor programm, but also for graduate and post grad students as well as for visiting scientists from around the world. The International School for Graduate Studies (ISGS) promotes the high quality international Master and PhD programmes available at our university and supports the multi-disciplinary internationalization of the entire institution, which is our overall goal.

Housing services

Accommodation in Germany, in Europe, in general, is different from other parts of the world.

Student Life

Campus life

The leisure time and cultural programme of the TU offers a multi-faceted balance to studying. Moreover, the university’s offer of activities and events is also open to employees and their guests. Thus everyone at the TU truly feels at home.

Sports facilities

The university sports programme offers a number of athletic activities and attractive excursions. Concerts, exhibitions, theatres and cinemas provide cultural ambiance. And then there are numerous study groups, ranging from astronomy to stock exchange games, as well as a variety of festivities such as the summer ball or the fair sponsored by the General Students Committee (AStA) for first semester students.

Student clubs

The many special days at the TU offer students of various age groups the opportunity not only to inform themselves of the subjects offered at the TU but also to gather their first practical experience in these areas of learning together with students and TU staff members and test their own capabilities. There are also special project days designed to facilitate access of girls and young women to courses of study and occupations in the areas of technology and the natural sciences.

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