Barcelona Graduate School of Economics

Barcelona, Spain
The Barcelona Graduate School of Economics is a large community of researchers, professors, students, and alumni who all share the School’s core spirit: to create value for society with rigorous work and social responsibility through pioneering research and education.



Modern crises and emerging challenges have called established economic models into question. In 2006, as thought leaders in countries all over the globe were re-examining our understanding of economic science, a group of highly renowned professors and economists envisioned the need for a graduate school that could produce research and trained professionals with preparation and expertise.


The School offers a wide range of professionally- and academically-oriented graduate degrees in economics,finance and data science. All programs are taught by world-class faculty and subject to the highest standards of the Barcelona GSE’s academic units.


The Barcelona GSE Research Endowment exists to contribute to the attraction and retention of top academic talent of the academic units and increase the Barcelona GSE's critical mass of researchers. To that end, the endowment is dedicated exclusively to supporting the appointment of Barcelona GSE Research Professors.

The joint efforts of our academic units have positioned the Barcelona GSE among the world's top research groups. Evidence of our research community's strength includes competitive research rankings (RePEc), the Severo Ochoa Excellence Accreditation, and the consolidation of the Barcelona GSE Summer Forum as the premier conference for top researchers.


Barcelona GSE Alumni are currently working and continuing their education in about 70 countries worldwide, 92% of the Class of 2014-15 have been placed 6 months after graduation.

The alumni who chose a professional career path are working as Economists, Analysts, Researchers or Consultants in industries such as banking and financial institutions, international organizations, consultancies, research institutions or the public sector. This provides the alumni with an international and growing professional network from which they can benefit. In parallel, a significant percentage of our alumni enter competitive PhD programs in Europe, the United States or elsewhere, providing an important network in academia.

Short Courses

Social Sciences (10)


Student services

The Barcelona GSE's rigorous master's programs are geared towards students who are bright, curious, and motivated to excel. But between study sessions, our students benefit from all the essentials typically associated with student life: informal lectures and outside learning opportunities, sports and social events, a vibrant city to explore, and most of all: lasting relationships with classmates.

Housing services

The Barcelona GSE Admissions Office is happy to assist new master's students looking to establish their student lives quickly and comfortably. There are several types of accommodation that we hope will fit every budget and preference.Typical living arrangements that students choose include:

  • Staying at a student residence hall
  • Renting an apartment
  • Renting a room in a shared apartment with other students

Library services

Students at the Barcelona GSE have access to the world-class research libraries

  • UPF Library
  • Over 500,000 publications and more than 6,000 periodical subscriptions
  • Electronic Library: on-line access to full-text information resources including catalogs/databases, over 10,000 electronic journals, 6,700 electronic books
  • Long opening hours, including 24-hour access during exam periods.

Student Life

Campus life

The Barcelona GSE is headquartered in the Mediterranean city of Barcelona, positioned in the world as a city of change and reinvention, with high potential in economy and research and associated with talent, modernity and innovation.

Sports facilities

In 2016, we held the first "Futsal" (indoor football) tournament. Each master's program fielded a team of students, faculty, and staff. The ITFD team were the victors!

Other sports and activities:
  • Annual intra-university soccer league with other local universities
  • Barcelona half-marathon
  • Ski trips to Andorra


The Barcelona Graduate School of Economics was distinguished as one of only eight top research institutions of excellence with an international impact in the framework of the first Severo Ochoa Program.

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