InnoEnergy Master's School

InnoEnergy Master's School

The programmes from InnoEnergy Master's School are taught at 14 universities and three top-ranked business schools across Europe. All offer academic rigour and all have plenty of experience in supporting an international student body. Find out more about them, their facilities, teaching, specialisations, locations, accommodation, and student support services here.

Top reasons to study here

  • InnoEnergy Master's School covers and capitalise the fascinating diversity of Europe.
  • Integrative: InnoEnergy Master's School iceaselessly co-operates, integrates, synthesises, melts, and merges.
  • Entrepreneurial: It’s in InnoEnergy’s DNA to be entrepreneurs for sustainability.

Short Courses



The unique European Master’s programmes address the most exciting and important areas in sustainable energy and energy engineering. All develop highly valued, in-demand knowledge and skills for a rapidly changing energy sector. Interested in renewable energy, nuclear fuels, smart cities, or clean fossil fuels? Want to be an expert in smart grids, or gain a broader overview of current and future energy technologies? We have the programme for you.


The InnoEnergy PhD School supports research with impact. We enable doctoral candidates to complement their research with essential entrepreneurial, innovation, business and personal skills. We strengthen connections between individual researchers across Europe. InnoEnergy Master's School supports cross-cultural collaboration and teamwork – and we help bring research labs and universities closer to industry.


InnoEnergy Master's School is continuously looking for motivated and talented individuals with innovative and forward-thinking attitudes who want to make a difference and be part of shaping the future of our company. 

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