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University of Cantabria

The University of Cantabria (UC) is one of the three universities that has been in the Top 10 list of the main Spanish rankings both in education as well as in research quality.


The UC confers a wide range of official degrees within graduate, postgraduate and doctorate programs. Since its creation in 1972, it has provided university education for more than 40,000 students.


The UC provides students with a wide range of resources, enabling them to acquire an allround Education. Within thiscontext, its study programs seek the right balance between practice and theory, and which students can choose to supplement with complementary services such as internship programs, access to new technologies, exchange programs with foreign universities, guidance and tutorial activities, etc.


Technical Research Services (SCTI) has been created. Its services range from super-computation (the Altamira Node in the Super-computation Spanish Network) to transmission electron microscopy.Two of these infrastructures are considered “Singular Scientific-Technical Infrastructures” (ICTS) by the Education Dept., the Altamira Node in the Super-computation Spanish Network (RES) and the Cantabria Coastal and Ocean Basin (CCOB).


Education at the University of Cantabria aims to make it easier for students to enter the job market. Aware of the need for interaction with the business world in this challenging task, the University has signed more than 1,200 agreements with companies and institutions from Spain and other European countries. This is channelled through the Employment Orientation and Information Centre (COIE). The centre is responsible for coordinating placement programmes in both private enterprises and public institutions that aim to provide the student with professional experience.

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Student services

The University of Cantabria is not content merely to teach its students. Aware of what the time at university means for the student’s personal and professional development, the University provides an academic and psychological guidance service, coordinated by the UC Orientation System (SOUCAN). The organisation of practical workshops on study techniques and anxiety control prior to examinations, assistance for students with integration difficulties, and the coordination of a tutoring network in the centres are only some of the activities organised by this service connected to the University Information Network.

Housing services

The most popular and affordable type of accommodation is sharing a rented flat with other students, either Spanish or foreign. The monthly cost per person is around €200-300, without including utilities. In most cases, a deposit must be paid on signing the contract, and is usually equivalent to a month’s rent. This deposit is not returnable if the tenant leaves the flat before the end of the contract. Flats are furnished (beds, tables, chairs and full kitchen), but usually they do not have either bed linen or towels, which must be provided by the student, and they usually have a Wi-Fi connection.

Library services

The University of Cantabria Library (BUC) is a privileged point to search for and access information. To this end, it provides students and lecturers with documentary resources at nine sites in the University with 2,150 access points.

ICT services

To study at the University of Cantabria is to experience new technologies. Classrooms and laboratories are fitted with advanced equipment to further the progress of knowledge. These infrastructures are supported by a computer network designed to include the latest technologies.

Campus life

The spreading of knowledge and culture is one of the University of Cantabria’s priorities. Throughout the year the campus is host to a variety of different exhibitions, congresses, courses, lectures and concerts, which make the institution one of the cultural focal points of the city and its surroundings.

Sports facilities

Cantabria is endowed with facilities for sports, Santander, the capital, being the best equipped municipality. Football pitches and the outdoor bowling areas (a local sport) are the most widespread sports facilities throughout the region. Several yacht harbours are located along the coast, providing facilities for sailing and surfing. In the mountainous areas, mountaineering, trekking and skiing can be practised. For the important sport events, Santander has the Palacio de Festivales and the 'Racing' football ground, both of them located in the Sardinero area.

Student clubs

Students at the University of Cantabria participate in the government of the institution through student representation in the University’s governing bodies and the Student Council. The University Campus also offers an ideal opportunity to make University life dynamic through University associations.

Santander, Cantabria, Spain

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