Group T - International University College Leuven

Leuven, Belgium
Group T is an innovative and international university college situated in Leuven, Belgium, in the heart of Europe. We have made a name with our English-language bachelor and master degree programs in Engineering. Our approach has now taken us beyond engineering, acquiring wide expertise in enterprising and educating alike.


Group T consists of three closely linked schools: Leuven Engineering College, Leuven Education College, and Leuven Anticipative Continuing Education (ACE-Group T).

Leuven Engineering College runs both Bachelors and Master Programs in Engineering, in Dutch as well as in English. The flagship Advanced Master in E-media and the Postgraduate Programs, recognised by several key universities in China, are offered in English.

The school is entitled to issue academic bachelor and master degrees. Its graduates are much sought-after professionals, and its students are regularly awarded with engineering prizes. Moreover, the engineering school closely cooperates with enterprises so as to stay ahead of developments in trade and industry.

Leuven Education College organizes Professional Bachelor Programs in Education, at present only in Dutch. The International Educating Class, however, is an English-language certificate program. The school distinguishes itself for its hands-on project-based approach and the opportunities it offers to its students for educational experiences around the globe.

Short Courses

Business & Management (2)
Education & Training (1)
Law (1)
Social Sciences (1)

Other Degrees