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École Ducasse - Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie

The National School of Pastry (ENSP) opens to the world by putting all the necessary means for the transmission of knowledge and know-how to allow pastry chefs to continue to form in optimal conditions. Thanks to constant new investments, the French pastry will continue to shine on the world of softness and Sweet Arts. 



Since 1984, when it was created, the ENSP has developed a unique and globally recognized expertise in the field of pastry training . The will to be a living crucible of the knowledge and know-how of the Pastry is here perpetuated daily. The School federates numerous talented and talented craftsmen , coming to share their technique, their specialty as well as their innovation. 


Bringing practices to the highest level, developing a spirit of initiative, instilling a taste for excellence, these are the challenges that the school faces so that French pastry remains for a long time the reference worldwide appreciated.

All NPHS students are immersed in an international environment during their training and are used to working in a multicultural center. 

The National School of Pastry provides its trainees with equipment, utensils and accessories high-performance, selected from reputable suppliers, whose quality and technicality of their products is a reference in the professional field.


The ENSP has eight laboratories  offering the best equipment in a contemporary architecture. They combine space, brightness and functionality. Each trainee evolves freely and refines his know-how with serenity. 

Everything is designed to facilitate learning. The 84-seat amphitheater is suitable for both lectures and demonstrations. Modular space, it can also be transformed into a laboratory. The classrooms are elegant and sober, the audio-video equipment high-performance.

At the end of each stage all the achievements are set up in demonstrative buffets. This is the culmination of each training. The taste is analyzed without concession and the art judged without weakness.

Student Life

Campus life

Housed within the Château de Montbarnier, the school successfully combines heritage and modernity, offering a unique family atmosphere. It hosts a number of prestigious culinary events each year, including the selection rounds for the Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France competition and the Festival National des Croquembouches.