European Summer School Prague

Prague, Czech Republic
European Summer School takes place inPrague, both modern and historical capital ofthe Czech Republic.Prague is one of the five most visited cities in Europe, and its location in the very center of Europe makes travels to other popular destinations such as Vienna, Berlin or Budapest more than simple.



Spending a vacation at a sunny beach is not cool anymore. This fact is known by many students from all over the world who joined the European Summer School for summer vacation and changed boring activities as laying on the beach for two busy weeks with lots of fun and experiences.

Each student chose his own preference from a wide variety of courses some students wanted to improve their skills in business English, others were interested in the development of mobile applications, or you could find future marketing experts as well. Within each course, students were given the task of cooperating on a common project which was presented at the closing ceremony.

Short Courses

Arts, Design & Architecture (1)


Housing services

A majority of students will be accommodated in a newly reconstructed building the Boti? Student House. Direct connection to the French Institute, where all the ESS courses will be held, is secured by the tram line 24. Other sports and social places such as the Prague embankment Náplavka, Riegerovy Sady Park or the HAMR sports centre are also easily accessible.

Accommodation is secured with superior equipment. There are double rooms with their own bathrooms. Each room, other than just beds wardrobes and desks, also has a fridge. A social room as well as a gym is available for students in the grounds of the halls of residence.

Student Life

Campus life

English will take over the building of the French Institute in Prague this summer. Close to the Wenceslas Square we booked 5 classrooms with internet access. For coffee breaks you can use the in-house cafeteria. Thanks to the city centre location there is a great access by public transport from all areas of Prague.

The Summer School is not only about studying, it is also about having fun and meeting new people. Prague is one of the exceptional place which is best suited for such new encounters. Every day there will be a special activity prepared for you, lots of fun and great time.