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Hochschule Trier

About 7,200 students are enrolled at our three campuses in Trier, Idar-Oberstein and Birkenfeld which marks our institution as one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Rhineland-Palatinate. Thanks to our border region location in the Southwest of Germany, we offer ideal conditions and prepare our students not just for careers in Germany, but also in Luxemburg, France or Belgium. 

Short Courses

Computer Science & IT (1)
Engineering & Technology (1)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (1)



In the 19th century, the University of Applied Sciences of Trier used to have two institutions in the middle of Trier, at the Paulusplatz and the Irminienfreihof, the School of Trade and the School of Arts. As early as 1830, the School of trade was dedicated to the education of architects and construction engineers. 


Considering this wide range of international employment opportunities on our doorstep, we offer a diverse selection of degree programmes in technology, business, law, design and computer science. Sustainability and environmental awareness are at the core of the degree programmes at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld where around 2,200 of our students study. This also encouragesan intensive and interdisciplinary cooperation between different disciplines there. More than 50 students are enrolled in the Fine Arts degrees of gemstone and jewellery design at our campus in Idar-Oberstein (Bachelors and Masters).