International Network for Educational Support in Higher Education (INNES)

Vienna, Austria
INNES is well-known for its efforts to invite international students, academics and professionals to take part in the exciting educational pat. We aim to enhance competencies in order to give young people the skills and positive attitude needed for global and sustainable problem-solving.


International Network for Educational Support in Higher Education

We provide competent service and experience to international higher education institutions in implementing and promoting academic programmes, intensive and master programs and summer sessions.

Our multidisciplinary sessions aim at stimulating intellectual and personal development in an open and diverse environment. We offer a combination of a high-quality academic education and a wide range of cultural and social activities.

Vienna is the perfect environment for studying, applying the knowledge, and making friends and contacts for future career.

Short Courses

Arts, Design & Architecture (2)
Engineering & Technology (1)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (1)


International Summer Sessions!

Choose among high-quality academic sessions focusing on technology, architecture, business, culture and all aspects of human sciences and research. You will learn from and network within internationally renowned academics and scientists as well as with professionals and participants from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds.

Learn German in Vienna!

High quality German language courses for students, academics, professionals and higher education institutions. Modern methods and best lecturer team are going to make the best of your progress in German language.Courses in German for special purposes are offered in different scientific areas.