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Digital Hub Academy

Digital Hub Academy is part of American European EDducation (AEE) which is a not for profit organization whose main goal is to advance professionally – oriented education and applied skills training in accordance to EU and US best practices and quality standards.

Top reasons to study here

  • Study in a modern co-learning space, which stimulates your creativity and productivity.
  • You can now enroll in the first and only BA program in Digital Marketing Management in Romania.
  • Gain up to 16 months of paid international work experience in EU or US before you graduate.

Short Courses

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AEE has been founded in 2012 in Brasov, Romania and currently includes four schools: Digital Hub Academy, American Hotel Academy, TASTE Culinary Business Academy and Manhattan Studies Institute in two locations: Brasov, Romania and New York, USA.


Digital Hub Academy (DHA) is an educational institution in Brasov that offers a British Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Degree program with a focus on Digital Marketing Management.

We offer to those who aspire to excel in this field a combination of up-to-date theoretical knowledge, applied on-site practical knowledge and international work experience through our modern curriculum and worldwide internship opportunities.

By successfully developing our students both personally and professionally, and offering them the opportunity to gather international work experience in digital marketing during their academic years, doors will always open for them all around the digital world.


Digital Hub Academy provides career development services through our Career Office, assisting students with both their personal and career development goals, helping them become employable, self-confident and self-aware. Ultimately, by taking advantage of these services, students should be able to achieve career goals and succeed in their future careers.


Student services

Each student is assigned a professional email account that they can use in order to communicate with the school and with prospective employers or to create accounts on professional platforms like Linked In. As with all resources provided by the school, we kindly ask you to use the email responsibly and to follow the internet usage rules and regulations

Library services

The Academy has a library located on the ground floor. All of the material relevant to courses taught is held at the Library and is available in electronic format. Most electronic resources are available both on and off campus. During the Orientation students are informed about the opening hours, resources available and group study room availability.

Student Life

Campus life

OnlineCampus is an online platform that keeps you connected to all the important information and events taking place in the Academy. Through OnlineCampus you can have quick 24/7 access to news, schedule, grades, courses, attendance, resources, handouts, online library, information about internships, forms, faculty, student handbook and academic rules & regulations.

Student clubs

Student Counselling

  • This activity provides a safe place, separate from your daily life, where you can explore issues or feelings which are causing you distress. The counsellor will relate to you in a supportive and purposeful manner and assist you in the task of finding your own way forward. 
Student Government
  • All for one and one for all! Student Government is an entity created by the students for the students with the purpose to facilitate a bonding between them, the faculty and the administrative staff. We aim to provide opportunities for shared governance, career and personal development, as well as social events and activities, from theme parties to community service and assistance.


Manchester Metropolitan University is an institution accredited in the United Kingdom and recognized in Romania. If a student wishes to obtain the Romanian equivalent of their Manchester Metropolitan University degree, they may do so by filing an application with the National Center of Recognition and Equivalence of Degrees within the Romanian Ministry of Education.

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