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The Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus - Senftenberg

Our university wants to make a contribution towards making tomorrow's world a better place. The research institutes, the administration team and all departments of Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus–Senftenberg (BTU) work closely together towards this goal.


With interdisciplinary research, innovative teaching, knowledge and technology transfer and further education, BTU is looking for solution approaches that solve international as well as national and regional problems. These include challenges in the areas of energy, healthcare, environment, IT-based networks and communication and also cultural and social issues.


Situated in the heart of the Lausitz region, BTU combines outstanding international research with future-oriented teaching. It makes an important contribution to society, our culture and the economy through knowledge and technology transfer and with further education. As a technical university, BTU offers a teaching concept found nowhere else in Germany: our courses of study lead to either a university or a university of applied science degree, or to a so-called dual education degree, which is obtained through a combination of academic schooling and vocational training.

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University Ranking

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1037 -186
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Housing services

Whether close to the university, surrounded by greenery in the countryside, centrally or furnished - Cottbus and Senftenberg offer the perfect accommodation for all requirements and this from as little as 180 euros / month. This, in turn, leaves more scope for your free time and personal wishes.

Library services

The University Library presents its libraries in 3 locations: Central Campus Cottbus; Campus Senftenberg; Campus Sachsendorf. 

Campus life

Small university yet plenty on offer for campus life! On the BTU Campus, many involved young people meet and form special interests groups. Whether sports, social commitment or technology - all students will find others who are like-minded at the BTU. And if the university doesn't already offer the group you are looking for, you can simply start this yourself!

Sports facilities

Beach volleyball, windsurfing and sport climbing are just three sports of our colorful sports course portfolio.

The university sports of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg offers you a super sporty balance with a wide range of sports at student-friendly prices. Each semester, we create a variety of courses for you so that you can find a balance to the tough university routine.

In total, we organize 110 courses per week for you in over 50 different sports. 90 motivated instructors are looking forward to seeing you.

Student clubs

How can we utilize existing potentials in order to make the BTU Cottbus – Senfteberg an even more international institution for teaching and research? How can we achieve that everybody – professors, employees and students feel appreciated and are enabled to contribute with their strengths to the development of our university?

We believe the differences between all members of the university are one of its greatest potentials. Therefore BTU Cottbus – Senftenberg sees the encouragement of diversity as its duty. This is expressed in the university’s self-understanding and "Charta of Diversity".

Cottbus, Brandenburg, Germany

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