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China University of Petroleum (East China)


In 1953 Beijing Petroleum Institute was established and became the first institution for higher education of petroleum in China. In 1978, with the reform and opening up of China, the institute stepped into a new period of growth, and became a multidisciplinary educational institute with majors covering science, engineering, and management. In 1988, it was renamed as University of Petroleum.


There are a number of faculties:

  • School of Geosciences
  • School of Petroleum Enginnering
  • College of Chemical Engineering
  • College of Mechanical and Elecotronic Engineering
  •  College of Pipeline and Civil Engineering
  • School of Materials Science and Engineering
  • College of New Energy
  • College of Oceangraph and Space Informations
  • College of Control Science and Technology
  • College of Computer Science and Technology
  • School of Economics and Management
  • College of Science
  • School of Foreign Studies
  • School of Humanities and Law
  • School of Marxism
  • Department of Physical Education


The university is an important scientific research base for petroleum and petrochemical industry. In all, there are 82 key academic institutions and bases approved by governments, enterprises and public institutions, such as the national key laboratory of heavy oil, the national engineering laboratory of marine geophysical prospecting and exploration equipment storage, the key laboratory for reservoir geology of Shandong province, the key laboratory for oilfield chemistry of Shandong province, the key laboratory for oil and gas reservoir security of Shandong province, MOE engineering research center for new oil and gas processing technology.

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Student services

In order to ensure proper management of International students’ affairs in China University of Petroleum (East China), the International Students’ Union (ISU) was formed. The departments include Rules and Regulations department, Communications department, Education department, Event Management department, Sports department, and Music and Arts department. ISU solves welfare issues of International students by acting as bridge between College of International Education and International students, and fulfills its purpose of formation by ensuring development of International students, help them and organize activities for the betterment of International students.

Housing services

The International Student Building/International Student Dormitory is a fourteen-floor apartment. The first floor is a teaching area. College of International Education occupies the second floor, the third to twelfth floors are student’s apartments, whereas the thirteenth and fourteenth floors are foreign teacher’s apartments.

Library services

  • Library (North Section): This building lies on the Northside of the campus surrounded by Experimental Building on the North and East.
  • Library (East Section): This building lies on the Eastside of the campus. 

Medical services

University Hospital: Located in the northwest of the campus at the west of Building No. 11.

Campus life

When you enter the campus from the south gate, the first landmark that comes into sight is “Create the Sun”—the symbol of UPC, where rich meanings exist deep inside: the ball stands for the sun, the small tubes around the ball stand for the sunshine, and the long tube is oil pipeline. Holding books high and guiding students to climb to the top of science, the lady is standing on the base which looks like a drilling platform. The statue symbolizes energy development and people who are engaged in higher education.

Sports facilities

The gymnasium has become a light spot that looks like a doctorial cap through a bird view and is nicknamed “Little Nest” by students. Many important competitions and award ceremonies are held here, as it is the biggest gym in Huangdao district.

Student clubs

Enrolled international students automatically become members of the Student Union or Graduate Student Union of China University of Petroleum. UPC has more than 130 student associations and clubs, which usually recruit new members in September of each year. Campus bulletin boards often display upcoming student activities, cultural events and various competitions. UPC encourages international students to join associations of interest, participate in a variety of campus activities and show their aspirations.

Qingdao, Shandong Sheng, China

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