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Grenoble INP, Graduate schools of Engineering and Management, Université Grenoble Alpes


The story began in the winter of 1892 when a young lecturer called Paul JANET launched the first public industrial electricity lecture in Grenoble. A few months later, after a very warm reception, several leading local industrialists and aristocrats pushed the science faculty to permanently establish an Electrical Engineering Institute in Grenoble. 


Our 8 engineering and management schools are both closely tied to the industrial world and open to the international scene. Grenoble INP - UGA delivers 1,200 engineering degrees and 230 doctoral degrees per year. As a result, our schools contribute greatly to the Groupe INP network, making it the leading public engineering school network in France.


By creating the technology of the future, our 40 laboratories are working to solve the major challenges of the 21st century in four key fields: digital, industrial, energy and environment. As the national leader in terms of scientific publications (2,200 per year in internationally recognized journals), Grenoble INP - UGA is one of the Top 5 institutions for researchers and patents (Industrie & Technology, 2018) and first in France on the list of Reuters 100 most innovative universities in Europe (2018).



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Student services

Members of the Grand Cercle are enrolled in Grenoble INP - UGA engineering degree programs. The organization coordinates student activities and strives to create a feeling of belonging for all students through extensive communications campaigns and a busy calendar of student events. The Grand Cercle also runs new-student orientation programs and coordinates the activities of the student governments of each of Grenoble INP - UGA's schools and other student organizations.  

Medical services


Campus life

The ESCAPE recreational center, housed in a brand-new building, is a place where students can come to unwind. ESCAPE offers indoor and outdoor sports and leisure facilities, can be used to host events, and is home to dedicated office space for student clubs as well as a snack bar.

Located on the University campus, La maison de Grenoble INP student union is where students gather. The cafeteria is open all day long, making it the perfect place for students to hang out between classes and grab a bite to eat, play cards, or sit outside in the sun on the terrace.

Sports facilities

If you are into sports, the mountains and lakes close to Grenoble provide many opportunities, which is why Grenoble has a reputation for outdoor pursuits. Sport may be part of your university curriculum, if agreed by your university and according to it's regulations. You may also just want to play for pleasure. For a flat yearly fee, you can use the SUAPS sports facilities (intervarsity sports department) at any time.

Student clubs

Over 30 student clubs and societies offer all sorts of activities and events. Whatever you are into, from sport, to culture, humanitarian action, leisure or entrepreneurship- there is something for you. At Grenoble Institute of Technology, participation to the life of clubs and societies is viewed as an integral part of training. 

Grenoble, Rhône-Alpes, France

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