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BOKU University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences

The faculty of Sustainable Agriculture, Viticulture, Soil Science, Horticulture, and Animal Husbandry are here. Another campus is not far from the Heiligenstadt subway station. 

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The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna or Universität für Bodenkultur Wien (BOKU) was established in 1872. It is an education and research centre for renewable resources. 10500 students study here.


The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, the Alma Mater Viridis, perceives itself as a teaching and research center for renewable resources, which are necessary for human life. It is BOKU's objective to help make a considerable contribution to the conservation and protection of resources for future generations by providing diversity in its fields of study. Connecting natural sciences, engineering and economic sciences, we wish to increase knowledge of the ecologically and economically sustainable use of natural resources, to provide a harmoniously cultivated landscape.


The Office of Technology Transfer is responsible for the protection of Intellectual Property (IP) and offers competent supervision in the exploitation and transfer of BOKU research and technology for society’s use. They offer expertise in the field of invention disclosure, Licensing & Patent, Spin-Offs and entrepreneurship, and help scientists in the commercialisation of innovative ideas.


Job offers of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna. Scientific, non-scientific, Job offers for students and alumni.

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A new umbrella association, the Erasmus+ Students and Alumni Association (ESAA), has been created, to represent students from inside and outside Europe who take part in Erasmus+.


Examinations which have been successfully competed at a recognised domestic or foreign university, a college or any other post-secondary educational institution, a vocational secondary school, a university-equivalent course, or research activities in the private sector or at a non-university research institution.

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