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Technical University of Lisbon

The Technical University of Lisbon (UTL – Portuguese: Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, pronounced [univɨɾsiˈdad(ɨ) ˈtɛknikɐ dɨ liʒˈboɐ]) is a Portuguese public university. It was created in 1930 in Lisbon, as a confederation of older schools, and comprises, nowadays, the faculties and institutes of veterinary medicine; agricultural sciences; economics and business administration; engineering, social and political sciences; architecture; and human kinetics.


In 1288, the first Portuguese University was established in Lisbon. In 1537, the University was transferred to Coimbra. From the late eighteenth century, higher education was reestablished in the capital, Lisbon. With the first Republic , in 1911, University of Lisbon was born and, later on, in 1930, was founded, the Technical University of Lisbon.


  • Schools (Faculties and Institutes) 18
  • Programmes (Undergraduate, Integrated Master, Master and Doctorate Degree) 441
  • Integrated Master degrees (1st and 2nd cycles) 101
  • Master degree (2nd cycle) 220
  • Doctoral degree (3rd cycle)120


Research at ULisboa is undertaken within its Schools and Research Units, that, under the applicable provision of the law, Articles of Association and regulations, define their own purpose and internal structure.

  • 3D Scan Laboratory
  • Aeronautical and Space Technology and Sciences Centre
  • Archaeology Research Unit
  • Artistic Studies Research Centre
  • Association of the Faculty of Pharmacy for Research and Development
  • Biomedical and Oral Sciences Research Unit
  • Biosystems Engineering Centre
  • Cardiology Centre
  • Center of History
  • Center of Physics and Engineering of Advanced Materials
  • Centre for Administration and Public Policies
  • Centre for African Studies
  • Centre for African, Asian and Latin American Studies

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Student services

The Student Support Services provide and manage social services for students, with the aim of ensuring equal opportunities in terms of access, attendance and academic success, regardless of socio-economic background.

The activities of the Student Support Services mainly comprise:
  • Direct Social Support: including scholarships, financial aid, and annual transport subsidies for students from Madeira and the Azores;
  • Indirect Social Support: including meals, accommodation, health services, and also cultural and sports activities;
  • Special Support: which is granted to students with special needs, once their specific situation has been assessed.

Housing services

There are 18 Student Residences, for accommodation of students of the Universidade de Lisboa, in the degrees of Bachelor and Master, which need to be away from their household for attendance of academic activities. The total accommodation capacity is 951 beds, 602 for female students and 349 for male students. These beds are distributed through 495 rooms, of wich 349 are doubles, 52 are triples and 94 are singles.

Library services

In order to respond to the users’ needs (students, professors, researchers and Non Academic Staff), Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) libraries specialize throughout different thematic domains, offering several services such as reading and consultation of books, periodicals, publications, monographs, electronic documents and cartographic documents.

Student clubs

The Student’s Unions are the organizational structure that represents the students of each School of Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa). Each Student’s Union has an active role not only in the reception, integration and interaction of the students in academia, but also in developing cooperation with other higher educational institutions.

Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

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