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IT University of Copenhagen

The IT University of Copenhagen sees the ongoing and systematic work with quality assurance as an important effort. Involvement of teachers, students and relevant external stakeholders must have a high priority in order to ensure continuous enhancement of education quality and quality culture at the IT University. 

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The IT University is the youngest university in Denmark established in 1999. Based on its mission of contributing to making Denmark exceptionally good at creating value with IT the IT University strives to deliver internationally recognized and highly relevant research and education.


Together with universities in the west of Denmark the IT University of Copenhagen was commissioned to produce new graduate study programmes about IT. The study programmes was to be targeted students with bachelor degree in a field unrelated to IT. Furthermore there was to be created master and diploma study programmes at a high academic level as further education for professionals working with IT. 


The basic principle governing research at the IT University is that it must be motivated by both a desire to create new insight and to be useful.  The research therefore often takes its starting point in a societal challenge, such as energy supply, critical infrastructure or the role of IT in democracy.  The research must challenge existing knowledge such as e.g. the way that software is developed, the use and misuse of social media or established business models.

Research results are unpredictable; that is why the basic principle is about what motivates the research rather than setting actual demands for the result. 


2575 job opportunities for IT students and graduates

  • 51 IT student jobs
  • 21 IT student projects
  • 40 IT internships
  • 796 full-time IT jobs
  • 49 IT post-grad & research
  • 40 IT-volunteering
  • 1839 IT jobs in total
  • 50K+ jobs abroad
  • 900 scholarships


Student services

The Study and Career Guidance offers coaching and guidance in study and career. We host a number of events for students, and we offer a talk with a professional and trained student advisor, who is also a student at the IT University.

Housing services

The IT University has access to dorm rooms, but they are outsourced and administered away from the university.

Student Life

Campus life

IT University building is approx. 19,000 m2. IT University is located toward the 800-meter Emil Holms Kanal in the northeastern part of Ørestad between Copenhagen and the Danish Radio's new buildings.

The building is shaped like a giant H. Two parallel building carcasses wrapped in a metal sheath surrounding a panoptic spaces out against what you have drawn a wide range of transparent 'drawers' in different lengths. Central compartment, which has a fine touch with the channel environment, nestled between the two town squares, a northern and a southern, and inviting space in a natural way to highway through the house.

Student clubs

Student Council is the political organisation at the IT University of Copenhagen. It consists of students from every field of study at the university, and is run by students. The Student Council works to promote students’ interests and improve their political, professional, and social conditions at the ITU. Furthermore, they run Student Activity Fund, which supports both professional and social activities improving the study environment.

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