Toulouse Business School

Toulouse Business School brings together international knowledge, culture, and employability to ensure that you leave us with an internationally recognized degree, a global business and management perspective, and a professional network that will springboard you into your future. 

Top reasons to study here

  • Their Bachelor, Master, MSc and MBA programs are recognized as among the best Europe has to offer.
  • With EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB, we hold the triple crown of business school accreditation, making us part of the prestigious top 1% of business schools worldwide.
  • TBS faculty are dedicated and experienced teachers and researchers, and 50% of the teaching staff is made up of distinguished international professors.

Short Courses

Business & Management (2)
Social Sciences (2)



Founded in 1903 by the Toulouse Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the initial mission of Toulouse Business School was to respond to the need in the local community for highly trained business leaders and personnel.


With 5 campuses located in the heart of dynamic cities, such as Toulouse, Barcelona, Casablanca, Paris and London, and alliances with top academic institutions and multinational corporations across the globe, we are able to offer a broad core curriculum of undergraduate and graduate degree programs: from Bachelor to MSc, MBA, DBA, and Executive Education. Our programs are taught in French, English or Spanish, and cover Business, Management, Finance, Marketing, and Aerospace Management.


TBS meets world-class research standards and participates in regional economic development. We offer 5 research groups, 105 professors, 200 publications per year, 40 funded research projects, and prominent research partners including Airbus, CNES, the European Commission, and KPMG. 

Research Focus Areas:
  • Accounting, Control and Performance Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Strategy
  • Finance, Economics and Econometrics
  • Social & Innovation Marketing
  • Work, Employment and Health


At TBS we strongly believe in the value of career support and guidance, both during and after studies, in order to give our students the best possible start in their professional lives.

All Bachelor, Masters and MSc students can take advantage of this service which is carefully tailored to the program you are following, both during and after their studies.  

Career Starter aims to help students propel their career through 3 levels of expertise: 

  • Personality test
  • Validation of experience acquired
  • One-to-one meetings with HR consultants
  • Speedcoaching
  • Themed workshops
  • Company job & internship forums
  • Business conferences
Support tools
  • Methodological workshops
  • Companies database
  • Information workshops


Student services

TBS's International Student Services provides assistance to international students, from their arrival preparation through to the end of their studies, including assistance with accommodation, visa requirements, banking and much more. 

TBS's International Student Services team strives to provide the support needed with legalities and practicalities alike, including:

  • Welcome and Orientation information
  • Student accommodation assistance
  • Visa & immigration guidance and paperwork
  • Health, doctors, and health insurance
  • Banking and student finance
  • General queries concerning life as an international student

Housing services

Each TBS campus can assist you in finding student accommodation.

Some important points to remember before reserving accommodation:
  • Arrival. Most student residences and agencies are closed on the weekends, so please arrange your arrival for a week day in order to be able to access your residence as soon as you arrive.
  • Reserve accommodation in our Accommodation Guide. 
  • Mention “Toulouse Business School” when you reserve. 
  • Communicating with residences/agencies. 
  • Reservation Dates. 
  • Do not send any payment to a private landlord who does not have an agreement with TBS without confirming their identity and seeing the apartment. Contact International Student Services before you send any money in these circumstances!

Library services

  • 23,000 Books
  • 47,000 Electronic Magazine Titles
  • 280 Printed Magazine Titles
  • 32 Databases

Student Life

Campus life

5 Campuses in 4 countries (Toulouse and Paris - France, London - United Kingdom,  Barcelona - Spain, Casablanca - Morocco).

  • TBS is spread across two sites in Toulouse – one in Compans-Cafarelli, in the heart of the city, and the other in Entiore, in the midst of the business and technology district.
  • As a student, life in Barcelona is never dull. There is a huge variety of cultural, artistic and sporting activities to experience, all set against the magnificent architectural backdrop of the city.
  • Toulouse Business School opened a new satellite campus in the centre of Paris to provide specialised Masters, MSc and DBA programs.

Sports facilities

BDS (Bureau des Sports) Club - Join teams and weekly training sessions for sports including football/soccer, rugby, volleyball, handball, swimming, fitness, boxing, and more.

Les Bronzés - This association lets you practice outdoor and “extreme” sports while being respectful to our environment. It is a partner of the Mountain Riders association, whose goal is to protect and preserve the environment.

Student clubs

Toulouse Business School offers a vast number of student-led clubs and organizations.

  • The Welcome Team
This association is here to welcome….YOU! We organise dinners, weekends and other social and informative events in order to make sure international students get well integrated into campus life, and to facilitate your stay.
  • BDE (Bureau des Elèves) Club
This club organizes parties, social gatherings, the Barcelona Week-End, an integration weekend, skiing trips, and more. 
  • BDS (Bureau des Sports) Club
  • BDA (Bureau des Arts) Club
  • La Junior Entreprise, ESCadrille
  • Sup d’Oeno
  • Hotsoft
  • Les Bronzés
  • Le Bureau Du Développement Durable (B3D)
  • Les rendez-vous du changement
  • TBS Finance


We are proud to be a member of the French Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, and amongst the prestigious 1% of business schools with the “triple crown” of international accreditations: AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS.

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