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Estonian Academy of Arts

The Estonian Academy of Arts, founded in 1914, is the only public university in Estonia offering a wide selection of curricula in the four faculties of Architecture, Design, Art Culture and Fine Arts. Located in the capital city, Tallinn, it is an active study and research institution and the leading national centre of innovation in visual culture. EAA offers 8 international Master's programmes.

Short Courses

Business & Management (1)
Computer Science & IT (1)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (1)
Social Sciences (1)



  • 1912 - Estonian Art Society opened graphic art courses
  • 1914 - Estonian Art Society’s Tallinn School of Arts and Crafts
  • 1917-2009 - The university is located at Tartu maantee in the former girls’ secondary school building, with editions in the 1920s amd 1970s
  • 1924 - Named State School of Arts and Crafts (Riigi Kunsttööstuskool)


Estonian Academy of Arts cultivates the analytical abilities and critical thinking of students who develop into environmentally and socially conscientious creators. The lecturers and instructors are professionals in their field—internationally recognised artists, architects, designers, and scholars who provide unique, individualised study and personal mentorship.

8 international Master’s programmes:

- Animation

- Contemporary Art

- Design and Crafts (specialisations: Ceramics, Glass Art and Design, Jewellery and Blacksmithing, Textile Design, Fashion Design or Leather Art and Design)

- Design and Technology Futures

- Interaction Design

- Interior Architecture

- Literature, Visual Culture and Film Studies

- Urban Studies


Student services

The Academy’s Student Council makes sure that the students have productive and interesting extracurricular activities.

The Council also supports the students’ participation in events outside the Academy, such as the Tallinn Student Days and the Students’ Summer Days.

Library services

The Estonian Academy of Arts has a rich academic library that is constantly expanding its collection, a newly renovated joint dormitory with the Estonian Music and Theatre Academy, and training grounds at Tamse in Muhumaa and Heimtal in Viljandimaa. Departments of the EAA regularly organise student, faculty, and departmental exhibitions in various locations in Tallinn and elsewhere.

Student Life

Sports facilities

Every week, the students can go swimming at a discounted price at the Kalev Spa. Those interesting in singing can join the Academy’s chamber choir.

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