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LUT University Summer School

We invite you to join the LUT Summer School and gain an in-depth understanding of contemporary, relevant topics in business and technology, all the while experiencing the beauty of Finland in the summer!

Short Courses

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We invite you to join the LUT Summer School and gain an in-depth understanding of contemporary, relevant topics in business and technology, all the while experiencing the beauty of Finland in the summer!

The LUT Summer School is a four-week academic event offering intensive Master's-level courses in the field of technology and business.

Lecturers of the LUT Summer School include academic staff from LUT and international guest lecturers from San Francisco State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the University of Manchester, the University of Groningen, SKEMA Business School, Yonsei Business School, the St. Petersburg Graduate School of Management, and the University of Milan.


The compact campus area located by the beautiful Lake Saimaa offers LUT students all the student services needed. Most student apartments are located within walking distance, and the university premises offer everything from laboratories to library services, restaurants to health care services – all this literally under one roof.

LUT's compact campus area, located by the beautiful Lake Saimaa, offers LUT students lots of services. Furthermore Student tutoring programme, Meet a Local Family programme and activities organized by Student Union help you to integrate to your new home town and the university community.

Guaranteed housing for new LUT students

Incoming students apply for accommodation after their admissions to LUT have been accepted. The accommodation is arranged by Lappeenranta Student Housing Foundation (LOAS). The housing application will be filled in on-line on LOAS' website. Housing is guaranteed for all new applicants who submit the application within given deadlines. Deadlines for 2013-2014 are June 7 and November 8.


The student flat is usually a "cellular apartment", a flat shared between 2-3 students. Each student has a room of his/her own with a lockable door and a shared kitchen and toilet/washing facilities. Each room is furnished with a bed, a large desk, a desk lamp, a chair, a bookshelf and a wardrobe. Mattresses and curtains are not included. The kitchen is fully furnished with a kitchen table and chairs and also has a refrigerator, cupboards, a sink, an electric cooker and an oven. However, kitchen utensils are not provided. Bathrooms are fitted with a shower, a sink and a toilet.

LOAS apartments are not mixed. Male and female students can live in the same apartment on request only. If you wish to share the apartment with your friend(s), you should submit the housing application at the same time. Thus LOAS can better consider your request. Pets are allowed in LOAS apartments as long as they do not disturb neighbours.

Shared facilities

The shared facilities in LOAS buildings usually comprise a laundry room equipped with washing machines, dryers and an iron. Each building also contains a sauna that can be used free of charge. There are common sauna hours for all the tenants in the building between certain hours once a week, with separate saunas for men and women. Tenants can also reserve a sauna for personal use once a week. LOAS buildings also contain additional facilities, including storage space for each tenant, and bike shelters. In each LOAS building, near the main entrance, there are bulletin boards on which you can find useful information, including sauna timetables and a list of all tenants.


The rent for rooms in LOAS apartments is based on floor space of the room, the age of the building and how recently the building has been renovated. The rent can vary between EUR 250 and EUR 375, and you are also required to pay a deposit of EUR 200. Rent for LOAS apartments must be paid by the 5th day of each month.

Student Life

Being an international student does not simply involve attending lectures and studying for exams. Social interaction with other international students and local Finnish students also forms an important part of your study period abroad and can make a big difference to your stay!

Although the thought of integrating into a new environment may at first appear a little daunting, once you consider the many options open to you, you may find your only problem is a lack of time. If you are wondering what to do during your free time, why not stop wondering and take a look at the information here!

Uniting students

The Student Union of LUT (LTKY for short) unites all LUT students, promoting their academic and personal well-being. In addition to make sure that the students' voice is heard in the decision-making of the university.

LTKY organises large variety of events around the year and more than 30 clubs offer a range of extra-curricular activities, including sports, cultural events, etc. The International Section is one of the main sections of the Student Union and deals with all international issues of relevance to LUT students. Their main objective is to promote the importance of international matters concerning education in particular and globalization in general. Take a look at their website to find out about various events including those being held during freshmen week, Liugur, FinnHits party and Wappu. The International Secretary plays an important role in helping new international students to adapt to Finnish society, and provides information on and helps to arrange different activities. The International Secretary also maintains the international mailing list which contains information for all international students, trainees, tutors and other internationally-minded people. You can contact the international secretary by e-mail, by phone on +358 44 293 8823 or by visiting the Student Union Office where he/she is available for one hour each week.

Guilds & Clubs

Would you like to join your department guild along with other students? Maybe excursions and parties interest you? And what do those special overalls represent, and where to get one?

Singing? Climbing? Hiking? Acting? Heavy metal music? Ultra-economical car design? Whatever your interests, the chances are that we will have the club you are looking for. Joining a club is an ideal way to get to know new people or discover a totally new hobby. LUT has around 30 clubs that are always more than ready to welcome international students.