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Bifröst University is a private, non-profit institution, set on a rural campus outside Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavík. Founded in 1918, Bifröst has a long history of training outstanding individuals for careers in business and politics.

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The history of Bifröst University began in 1918, when the Cooperative College was founded in Reykjavík.

Today, Bifröst University is a leading educational institution in Iceland, with a strong commitment to its students. Bifröst offers its students quality training in business, law, and the social sciences, prepares them for positions of responsibility and leadership both in Iceland and abroad.


Bifröst has always devoted itself to the education of future leaders. Its alumni include many of Iceland’s most prominent business and political figures.

Bifröst offers undergraduate and graduate programmes in three academic departments: Business, Law, and Social Sciences. In addition to degree programmes, there is a one-year foundation programme for students lacking full university entrance qualifications, as well as various life-long learning programmes.


  • Bifröst University is an active member of the Icelandic research community. It is university policy to hire faculty with strong research profiles in the social sciences.
  • Bifröst also aims to develop partnerships with institutions and networks to increase research opportunities for graduate students.
  • Bifröst maintains a Centre for Retail Studies and a peer reviewed journal published in open access, Bifröst Journal of Social Sciences.
  • In the past Bifröst has engaged in various research projects run by individual faculty members such as Centre for Labour Law and Equal Rights, Centre for European Studies and the Cultural Research Centre.


Student services

  • Academic Services is responsible for information on students; including course history, enrolment in and withdrawals from courses, and grade registration.
  • Academic Services handles enrolment and graduation and supervises the academic schedule, preparation of timetables, division into groups, classroom arrangements and teaching assessment for courses.

Housing services

The Housing Division manages rental housing on the Bifröst campus. Among its responsibilities are allocation of student housing, rental contracts, property maintenance, cleaning and campus security. The staff of the Maintenance Division is responsible for maintenance of rental apartments.

Library services

The library holds both Icelandic books and publications in other languages (mainly English). It has around 18,000 volumes in all, with primary emphasis on material in the subject areas taught at Bifröst University: business, law and the social sciences.

ICT services

  • Off-campus database access (VPN) - The network administrator will provide authorisation on the network server and send instructions on how to set up a virtual private network (VPN) connection with the University of Bifröst.
  • Wireless network access at Bifröst University

Medical services

Bifröst University provides equal opportunities for study, regardless of students’ gender, age, finances, disability or residence. We recognise the importance of providing accommodations for students whose disabilities challenge them significantly in their studies.

Student Life

Campus life

Bifröst makes great demands on its students and they in turn expect the best from the school. We know that students' success in their studies is related to the quality of their accommodations, and therefore we pride ourselves in offering the best possible environment for student life at our campus.

South of campus, a gravel road leads west towards the old farm of Hreðavatn, which has been the home of the west Iceland forestry station since 1985. In the lake, also called Hreðavatn, are both trout and arctic char. It is possible to buy a fishing permit for the lake. The road passes the old farm and turns south towards the forestry area at Jafnaskarðsskógur. This is an ideal walking area for campus residents.

Sports facilities

Bifröst residents shouldn’t worry about getting out of shape. Attached to the main school building is a fitness center and weight room equipped for working out. It is an ideal stop in the midst of a hectic day, and afterwards a nice stretch in the hot tubs or sauna can provide some needed relaxation.

Many trails for hiking and bicycling are found around the campus. The environment, being varied, offers many possibilities. It is possible to hike through the lavafield, stroll along the river Norðurá, explore the forest at Jafnaskarð, or to climb upon the volcanic crater Grábrók.

A small soccer field is located next to the campus. 

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