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Study Short Courses in Delft, South Holland, Netherlands

Delft at a glance

Delft, in the Netherlands, is an old, traditional city, historical residence of the Royal House of the Netherlands. It is best known for its traditional “Delft pottery”, a type of painted ceramics, which is synonymous with the city’s cultural heritage. It has transformed from a small traditional town to a vibrant international student destination, world-renown for its research in a wide array of technical fields. It is a fascinating blend of medieval architecture, international cuisine, multicultural communities and high-tech innovations. It is one of the most competitive study hubs in Europe, especially among the technical higher education centres.


Studying in Delft

The universities of Delft offer numerous study options, mostly focused on technical and engineering fields. Therefore, you will find all types of programmes, from bachelors in Engineering or applied earth sciences, to masters in engineering, architecture, ecology, business, logistics, design or computer science, as well as many short courses in environmental sciences, management and data collection. Both Master’s programmes and short courses have an interdisciplinary approach, integrating methods and practices from other fields such as law, mathematics, chemistry or psychology.

The teaching methods are finely aimed at building the practical technical skills necessary for future employment. Most study programmes have well-established laboratories and applied courses, as well as mixed internship options meant to allow the transition from study to employability.


Career opportunities in Delft

universities, as well as the research institutes such as the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research. The other major economic agents are in the tourism industry, catering to the over 1 million visitors annually, and the retail industry, with giants like IKEA having a significant presence. As well, companies like DSM Gist Services and De Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles are the largest producers of traditional Dutch ceramics, employing many of the local engineering graduates. For computer science majors, software and IT companies such as Exact Software and Topdesk are the most popular job destinations.


Delft city life

Delft is a city filled with cultural and historic landmarks which attract numerous visitors:

  • Oude Kerk (“Old Church”)
  • Nieuwe Kerk (“New Church”)
  • The Eastern gate
  • City Hall and the Central Market
  • The Prices’ Court
  • De Roos Windmill

Outdoor enthusiasts can find recreation in the “Delftse Hout”, a nature retreat with many bike lanes, horse-riding and hiking paths, as well as a lake for water sports. Delft also has other smaller parks, as well as a botanical garden.

Delft offers a wide range of restaurants and bars with diverse menus and traditions, belonging to the many immigrant communities in the city. Therefore, you can find Iranian diners, Italian pizzerias and Irish pubs, all in the same neighbourhood.

International atmosphere in Delft

Delft is one of the most international cities in the Netherlands, thanks to its tradition as an international student destination. Delft houses significant immigrant communities from South-East Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This makes it a very cosmopolitan city, where English is widely spoken alongside Dutch. Other languages are also present among the local communities, according to their cultural heritage, such as Arabic, Chinese, Malay or French. The city’s population is mostly comprised of young people under 30, making Delft one of the most vibrant communities in the region.

Weather Delft

The weather in Delft is quite consistent, with lots of precipitations distributed evenly throughout the year. The average amount of precipitation is 32.776 inches (83.25 cm), mostly rain with little or no snow. Winters are cold and wet and summers are wet, with few days of sunshine. The average temperature in January is 3.1 °C (37.6 °F) and in July it’s 17.9 °C (64.2 °F).


Accommodation costs in Delft

There are numerous accommodation options in Delft, in accordance with every budget:

  • Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre is around 833 EUR/month, while three bedrooms cost approximately 1,650 EUR/month
  • Rent for a one-bedroom apartment outside the city centre is about 500 EUR/month, while three bedrooms cost around 1,200 EUR/month.
  • On-campus housing reaches around 500 EUR/month and there are only single rooms.

Living costs in Delft

Delft is a moderately expensive city, with living costs ranging from 700 to 871 EUR/month, excluding accommodation. Utilities cost around 152 EUR/month and the food budget will reach 168 EUR/month. A local transport monthly pass is 62 EUR and a one-way ticket is 2 EUR.

Universities in Delft

IHE Delft Institute for Water Education is the largest international graduate water education facility in the world.

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As one of the world’s leading training grounds for these engineers, TU Delft views its role in society as supplying technological solutions that take us significantly further along the road towards sustainability and a flourishing economy. 

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